Why and How to Use Facebook Watch for Business Marketing

Facebook WatchFacebook just rolled out a new platform, Facebook Watch, for shows on their network. Today we’ll take a look at how to use Facebook Watch. Content consists of episodes that can be recorded or streamed live. They will be available on the Facebook app and mobile site, and of course viewable on desktop and laptop devices. The episodes will be personalized based on what a user’s friends and networks are watching, as well as on their comments and reactions like “Haha” and “Wow.”

How to Use Facebook Watch to Reach Customers

Do you think this social media update help a business find their audience?

According to Facebook’s press release, Watch is a “platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work.” Now that we have the details on Watch, let’s look at how Watch can help marketers touch their audience!

Get Started with Facebook Watch Tips

1. Use Serialized Content

For professionals looking to showcase their expertise, consider hosting a regular show addressing pain points and audience-submitted questions. Small business owners will benefit from keyword-driven content that can bring potential customers to their Facebook pages and websites, while larger companies become humanized as executives and subject matter experts come from behind the ivory tower and engage.

2. Livestream Events

Whether it’s the business’ annual conference or a demonstration of how the business maintains a fleet of safety vehicles, streaming live content allows viewers a behind-the-scenes look. While this may appear casual to the viewer, livestreaming requires buy-in from leadership and those involved to address “what if” situations and lack of editing. Preparation will be key.

3. Video Podcast

I recently wrote about what you need to launch a podcast, and now Facebook goes and takes it to the next level by incorporating video! Many subject matter experts host occasional video recorded podcast episodes to either interact with a live audience or to incorporate visual cues into an aural medium. Consider how you might enhance the typically sedate podcast by bringing in whiteboards or additional guests during videotaping.

Now You Know How to Use Facebook Watch, so Get Started!

People do love video. It’s a great way to engage customers, show some personality and drive sales, so be sure to incorporate Facebook Watch into your social media efforts.

Have you starting creating video yet? Why not take the first step with Facebook Watch? Share your enthusiasm (or hesitation) in the comments below!

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