Let Me Introduce You To… The Rocks Digital Audio Network

Rocks Digital Audio NetworkToday is a very exciting day for Rocks Digital and I get to introduce you to the Rocks Digital Audio Network. As you know, the mission at Rocks Digital is to be the Go To Resource for business owners, brand managers and digital marketers.

As always, with Rocks Digital you can stay up-to-date with content brought to you by industry experts in the digital marketing field, as well as research and news on the latest happenings in technology, changes in search engine algorithms and even some fun apps and gadgets you might want to try out.

Rocks Digital Provides Digital Marketing Education in Multiple Ways

  1. Year-round blogging website publishing 3 to 5 times weekly
  2. Digital Marketing eBooks
  3. How To Documents
  4. Rocks Digital Marketing Conference held annually with 30+ speakers and sessions

And NOW, the Rocks Digital Audio Network!

The Rocks Digital Audio Network will bring to your ear buds, smart devices and computers, all the resources for your digital marketing education on the topics of content, search, social media, local SEO, mobile, web design and business development.

  • Education is just a click away and available while you are driving, flying, exercising or in between appointments.
  • Listen hands-free via iTunes or Stitcher
  • Subscribe to the Rocks Digital Audio Network via email or RSS direct from the website

The show hosts will be bringing you the daily published content in 3 to 5 minute bite-sized segments for your listening pleasure. In addition, the audio network will host longer podcast sessions on occasion and special interviews with experts from around the globe.

Over the coming month our hosts will be going through the website archives and making all the posts published from August 28, 2014 forward available for listening via the podcast. You’ll definitely want to tune in daily for what’s newly released.

Just think … now you can drive, fly and do all your work, while listening to awesome digital marketing content from the best of the best.

Are you ready to listen? The Rocks Digital journey is an exciting one. Thanks for joining us.

Lissa Duty

Lissa Duty is Social Media Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer. 20 years of marketing, administrative and management experience working to grow your business.

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