Gettin’ Digi Wit it: Five iPhone Apps For Creating Video

5 iPhone Apps for Creating VideoIn 1997 Will Smith release “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”, we need a revamp on that song, let’s call it “Gettin’ Digi Wit It”, because the world is now digital and creating video on the go is quite popular and necessary.

The average mobile users spends 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on their SmartPhone, which coverts to 19 hours a week, 3 days a month, 41 days a year. Get the rest of the stats (and don’t be surprised when the stats are in the form of a video,  yes, a video)!

The need to carry multiple devices around to create a high quality video is diminishing. And with more and more people utilizing devices such as iPhones to record video, its important to know that there are several ways to enhance the native video recording capability of the device.

5 iPhone Apps to Enhance Your Ability to Create Videos


1. Hyperlapse

This is an app designed for Instagram, but you can utilize it for regular recordings.  This will allow you to create time lapsed videos with your iPhone. You can utilize playback speeds ranging from 1X to 12X.  If you ever wanted someone to get a feel for your morning commute in under a minute, then this is a great app to utilize to demonstrate what its like.  As the videos recorded don’t have sound, you will want to add an audio track to them.

2. MoviePro

 If you ever wanted to have full control over the exposure in recording a video with your iPhone, then you will want to check out MoviePro.  It even has a “Spy Mode” that will allow you to have a black screen to hide the fact you are recording, this can come in handy for people who are camera shy.

3. Videon 

Did you ever have the urge to create a video with a vintage look and feel to it?  This app will allow you to shoot videos and give them various vintage looks with its preset filters.  You will also be able to create slow motion videos with this app. Combining the various effects during editing will give you a wide variety of creative outlets with this app.

4. CuteCut

 If you are looking for a feature rich editing app that will almost make you forget about using a desktop app, this is the app for you.  The great thing about this app is that it has multiple channels for separating videos, photos, text, and audio in the editing process.

5. Magisto

Have you ever shot a bunch of clips at a party or at a street fair or even while showing a house but had no idea what to do with them? Look no further, with Magisto all you have to do is select the clips you want to use, choose a theme, and a song, then the app will do the rest for you.

There will always be new apps coming out to help you create the videos you desire most on your mobile device. If you are still not sure about using video for your business, read why you should be. Remember, you don’t always have to appear in the videos to create them.

What are your favorite apps that you like to utilize with your iPhone for creating videos?

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