Jammin’ January Wrap-Up – Your Rocks Digital Quick Reference for the First Month of 2018

Jammin' January Wrap-Up - Your Rocks Digital Quick Reference for the First Month of 2018 More than just a month, January paves the way into 2018, and I’m willing to bet you’ve been busy from New Year’s Day on! In acknowledgement, I’ve gathered together Rocks Digital’s January articles so you can review and catch up with any missed info. You’ll find a nifty summary for each article, and of course, a link to the full post so you can learn more. (You can take a look back at December’s wrap-up right here.)

15 Articles Packed with Some January Inspiration to ROCK the Year

Look, Up in the Cloud – It’s Your Data!

It used to be that backing up to an external hard drive was your best option for preserving data. Now we have cloud storage, which means that even if your hardware is incapacitated, your data is safe and accessible. Helen Morrice introduces us to several cloud storage solutions to save us from a disastrous rainy day.

Influencer Marketing Can Help You Cover Your Assets

SEO is vital for Google rankings but there are other factors as well – and utilizing Influencer Marketing can give your social proof a boost. Moss Clement gives us some tips on how to make the most of influencer marketing and building win-win relationships with influencers.

The Gang’s All Here – Now What?

Your best brand ambassadors are (or should be) your employees. Matthew Hellinger helps us navigate Employee Advocacy for our brands. Increase your reach, reap the rewards, and manage the risks using these tips.

Social + SEO = Winning Strategy

When you think of SEO, you probably aren’t thinking about your Social Media – but you should be! Kim Starry shares strategies for making SEO and Social best buddies that work together to boost your brand. Three easy tips get you started on your journey to a great Google ranking!

Thinking Linking

Does your company have a strategy for using links – and using them well? Most people concentrate on content, which certainly is important, but Derek Iwasiuk explains why careful link building should also be a key component of your website planning.

Step Up to the LinkedIn Platform and Take the Plunge

If you have a LinkedIn Profile (or maybe more importantly, if you DON’T yet have a LinkedIn Profile) check out this infographic that Mark Toney shared, along with his swimmingly stellar tips on how to craft a darn-near perfect profile.

Your Business – There’s an App for That

Julia Kravchenko walks us through the seven stages of mobile app development, and asks the important questions about why you should think of having an app for your business. Plus, she explores the questions before and during the creation of the app.

Business Boosts that Are the Bomb

Chatbots and Micro-Moments and Augmented Reality – OH MY! Marvin Magusara shows us what’s hot in digital marketing right now, and why. Are you leveraging rich snippets? And did you even know there was such a thing? These trends are hotter than Fire Pokémon, so be sure to catch them all.

Play It Again, Internet

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) content cross-promotion is a great way to get more mileage out of what you share. Harley David Rubin simplifies the process by showing us how to get the most out of all that we put out on the internet, including strategies for the big three – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… and don’t forget to blog it!

Better Tweeting is as Easy as 1-2-3

You’ve mastered the basics of Twitter and now it’s time to up-level your Tweet-Fu! Roxanne Roark shares pro Twitter tips like creating lead lists, using TweetDeck, and advanced Twitter search that are the tricks of the trade. Learn these and you’ll be a Twitter Pro in no time flat!

Optimize Your Social Savvy

Think you’re too busy running your very successful business to bother with social media? Stevan Mcgrath gives you eight simple ways to pump up your presence without putting in a ton of time. Tap into the wisdom in these tips, and you’ll be social savvy and outrageously optimized.

Honor Your Instincts

Does intuition have any place in the world of business? Think of your intuition as your own personal consultant (that you don’t have to pay more than your net worth to get advice from!). Debbie Mrazek gives us a gut-check on making the most of your intuition, and listening to that guiding inner voice when faced with important business decisions.

Envision and Embrace Visual Marketing

From memes to infographics, we use visual marketing to capture the eye of our potential customers. Trying to give an inside look at your product or service? Catherine Park says you should utilize some screenshots or make a great SlideShare deck. Images stimulate conversion, too. Even if you’re not a graphic designer, there are plenty of ways to share your content visually. What do you see in your brand’s future?

Don’t Be Flummoxed by Facebook’s Latest Algorithm

Small Business Owners – do NOT panic! Yes, at first glance it seems that Facebook’s focus on content from friends and family is the end of the Facebook organic reach world as we know it, and is a move towards solidifying Facebook as a pay-to-play platform. Eric Johnson reads between the lines and helps put it all into perspective. Deep breath now! It will all be OK.

What’s the Good Word about Your Business?

Testimonials are a powerful business ally. Harley David Rubin shares his tips on how to get and use testimonials to build trust in your business. A great testimonial shows that the client not only liked the service they got from you, but that they want to share that experience with others. For your business, testimonials are the gift that keeps on giving!

And That’s the January Wrap

From the cloud to link building, all the way to visual marketing and trusting your gut, there is indeed a lot to know! I hope you enjoy the wrap-up format, and will use this post as a reference in your always-be-learning efforts. See you in February…

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