Jayne Rios, Founder of WBTVN, to Present Rocks Talk on Brand Messaging at #RocksDigital 2017

Jayne Rios branding wbtvnJayne Rios is the Founder, Developer, and CEO of Women’s Broadcast Television Network (wbtvn.tv) and DirectSales.TV, OTT television stations serving a global market. The networks serve an audience of 30 million viewers and are featured on Apple TV, ROKU, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, and iOS Apps.

Jayne Rios began her career 30 years ago as a TV Producer for CBS in Dallas, Texas. She opened her first video company in 2004, KungFuzos Video Marketing. Years ahead of the hot new video trend, Jayne proved herself a visionary entrepreneur and leader. She was awarded the Innovative Woman of the Year by Innovative Woman and International Collaborator of the Year by the Public Speakers Association. Jayne is the best-selling author of Interactive Author: Monetize Your Message, and Pure Wealth.

Jayne graduated from the University of Texas in 1994 with cum laude honors. Jayne is an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart for serving. She is the wife of a TV director and mother of two boys.

Rocks Talk Details

From Rosebud to Blooming Rose in the Nth Degree

It all starts with believing in yourself – then connecting with the right people, all while learning the techniques you can use to expand your company’s message. Jayne will share successful strategies and platforms to help you reach your target market. You cannot reach the entire world with one message; those days are long gone.

In this fun and enlightening presentation, you will learn how to craft a message that will take your brand into the future!

A Blooming Rose knows the power within itself, and is not afraid to show it and share it!

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