Jeff Brady and the Power of Pictures

Jeff_Brady_pres_by_VictoriaIt’s official – all conferences need to start at 11am. This live blogger isn’t so much a morning person and I came rolling into Jeff’s session half an hour late. Apologies for the rooting around in the back. #Dontstareatme

Jeff captured my attention right away and it was hard to not think about his content as it applies to my own business (digital marketing, social media and PR services). But I digress. Ahem…

Author, speaker and founder of Brady Media Group as well as host of The Texas Daily Jeff Brady shares his expertise about Effective Journalism & Video Broadcasting. At Amazon, you can also get his comprehensive book Echonomics.

Here are a few highlights from his presentation.

Your content must tell a story.

– Review Pertinent Products – What are some products, services or ideas that you can review in your created content that would be of service or value in your industry? You’re a consumer just like everyone else, so why not share your opinion. You are positioning yourself as the CJO.

– Best Practices/What to Ask – You are telling the audience “Here’s what you should ask” – begin the conversation. You aren’t begging for the sale, you are positioning yourself as the thought leader, the source, the expert. “We found these steps are the best, and here’s why!”

– Don’t be afraid to aggregate, organize or repurpose. “I didn’t create this but I really like it and here’s why.” It’s ok to share.

Final thoughts:

Create a channel! (A series, not a single.)
Show yourself, your product and your service. You don’t need to hire a spokesperson. It’s all about you.
Create a reason for viewers to share.  Is it valuable? Is it shareable?
Use YouTube Metrics – see what works, what gets a response. Analytics are important.
Welcome to the era of the CJO!


Question: What do you use for video editing?  From Jeff: “iMovie (as a Mac User) or Final Cut Pro for Windows users. Comment from audience: “Pros might be switching to the Adobe editing software”

“Do a series of simple videos. One topic per video – even 30 seconds is fine.” – Jeff


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