UX Web Designer Jeff Whitfield to Present on A Humans First Approach to SEO at Rocks Digital 2017

Jeff Whitfield, UX Web DesignerWhat happens when you unleash a frustrated musician onto a computer? You get a really big geek! That’s Jeff Whitfield in a nutshell.

What was once a simple hobby turned into a great career. Jeff majored in audio and video production but his love for computers grew to the point where he had to make a change and change he did! Since 2001 Jeff has held positions within the IT industry from IT Assistant to IT Supervisor, but his deepest calling is in web design and development.

As a web designer/developer, Jeff focuses on helping people build cutting-edge, custom websites using emerging standards, modern design, and the latest development techniques and frameworks. He shares his expertise through Soulcraft Group, a small web design/development agency. He is also working on a book, tentatively titled “Humans First.”

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A Humans First Approach to SEO and the Web

Over the course of the past five years Google has made a LOT of changes. Just what is Google is trying to tell us? Do we continue to cater to Google? Or do we need to shift gears and change the way we approach the web?

In this presentation, Jeff Whitfield will discuss SEO from a UX perspective, demonstrating why it’s important to take a more user-centered approach to both SEO and the web. We’ll look at the path Google is taking and what SEO and online marketers must do to adapt. We’ll also take a brief look at on-page SEO techniques – what works, what doesn’t work, plus the myths behind some techniques.

Attendees will learn how to apply a UX-based approach to SEO and go from “Google First” to thinking and practicing “Humans First.”

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