John Marrone, the Ultimate 1on1 Coach, Presents the Power of Inspiration at Rocks Digital 2018

Get Inspired to Create the Ultimate Version of You On- and OfflineJohn Marrone, creator of The Ultimate You, has been helping celebrities, CEOs, and business leaders employ life-changing strategies to make their businesses soar.

John has lived it all – and starting at a very young age. Poverty, drug addiction, homeless, jail, violence, depression, anxiety, lonely, self-conscious, lies, abuse, neglected… he was once associated with all those words since a very young age, whether it was John himself or his family.

People would say, “He had it rough.”And that’s true – but what does that really mean? Since that time, John has dedicated his life to turning all those painful things into a very positive future for himself, and for others.

His coaching helps progression on all 6 “equities of life.” As a world-renowned inspirational and motivational speaker, his teachings present how to create the ultimate version of oneself.

Today happiness, confidence, positivity, and the strength to get through all the bad moments is how he knows he is LIVING. And today John says, “Let’s create the ultimate version of you!”

Keynote Presentation Details

Get Inspired to Create the Ultimate Version of You On- and Offline

You can use all the digital marketing strategies, tools, and secrets you want to market a business online, but at the end of the day, if you’re not happy at your very core, having all the money in the world wouldn’t really matter.

Going from a motel mindset to a millionaire mindset, John discovered this for himself after sitting with the most brilliant people in the world and studying their inner workings.

In this keynote, get actionable items to go home and implement for massive results. Learn how to attain clarity on WHAT life you want, WHY you want it – and HOW to get it.

Key Takeaways

  • Daily practices for creating massive wealth – mentally, physically andfinancially
  • Insights on how to CRUSH through limiting beliefs
  • Tools to design and create the quality of life you want to live

Tens of thousands from many races, across different backgrounds, industries, and ages have become more prosperous using John’s strategies.

This keynote is not typical for a digital marketing conference, yet it is sure to inspire, entertain and motivate. Isn’t it time to truly create the ultimate version of you?

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