Just about everything you need to know about Google Plus for Business!

Martin Shervington Google Plus Rocks Digital 2015 QuestionMartin Shervington of both “Plus Your Life” and “Plus Your Business”, wrapped up the day at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference with his closing Keynote and I have to say that, after his presentation, I finally understand Google Plus better and have some idea of why and how to use the platform.

Reasons Every Business Should Take Notice of Google Plus Now

  • Do your customers use Google?
  • Do you have a Local Business?
  • Do you want to increase efficiency and collaboration?
  • Do you want people to see, engage with and share your content?
  • Do you want to get more visitors to your website?

Understanding Google Plus

Part 1 – Eco-System

Google is a social destination

  • Google+ Communities
  • Collections – New Release (similar to Pinterest boards)
  • Understanding Google as the social layer – you can use circles to build engagement with targeted groups
  • You can add people to circles from within Gmail
  • Personalized results – Google+ posts can surface in search
  • The role of the +1 on people’s website – always share public for maximum reach

Google Products

  • Google Pages
  • Google My Business – this is Google+ for Business
  • Local Business Listing – Local Business and Reviews
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Now
  • Google Hangouts
  • YouTube and Hangouts on Air
  • Google+ Sharing from YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar and Events
  • Google Chrome – Google Chromebook

Part 2 – Brand

  •  It’s human and it’s a way of connecting people
  • You’ve got to have conversations, build relationships and build trust
  • The Google+ community will give you Search Results
  • The Google+ Brand Machine – Authority>Trust>Reputation
  • You need to start building your community on Google+
  • Social>Search>Site

When you share a link from your blog and people engage with that content, it can pop up in a search. Make sure that you have sharing buttons on your website.

Part 3 – Action Steps

  • Set up a Google+ Profile and a Page – link to your website
  • Claim your Local listing and start getting reviews
  • Make sure you have the follower button visible on your site
  • Have a blog and create unique content
  • Make sure you have the +1 button on your blog posts
  • Set up your YouTube channel

And help the world find and connect with you in new ways…

A little psychology and some tips to community building

  • Build relationships with influencers – plus one, comment and share their content
  • Create a circle and have it on ‘notify’
  • Put 50 people into that circle
  • They’ll get a notification when you share
  • Sharing content says “I want my content to look like you”
  • Engage, engage and engage some more if you want engagement
  • Then post your content. And share publicly unless you have a reason not to…

Think in terms of finding your ‘100 Brand Evangelists’

  • Look to build opt-in lists
  • Reach out to people privately – ask them a question
  • Look to use Hangouts to connect face-to face – Interview people and let them tell their story….

Spend some time getting to know Google+ and make some new connections!

Have you been using Google+ for your business? What options have helped your business?

To learn more about Martin Shervington you can read his full bio on Rocks Digital.

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