Lissa Duty, Founder of #RocksDigital, to Host Digital Marketing Clinic

Lissa Duty OrganizerLissa Duty, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Advice Local and Rocks Digital co-founder, is a speaker, social media coach, trainer, and author of 25 Tips to Twitter Success: Learn How to Market Yourself, Brand and Business Online, and co-author of Your LinkedIn Professional Network: How to Connect, Optimize, and Implement for Success.

In 2009 Lissa discovered she had a passion for digital marketing – and a natural talent for leveraging social media platforms to brand clients and businesses.

Lissa speaks at conferences, chambers of commerce and various groups around D/FW about digital marketing, social media, and the importance of online branding. She does all this while balancing her many responsibilities at Advice Local, where her primary focus is spearheading company initiatives related to branding and marketing in the local search industry.

In her spare time, you can find Lissa behind the scenes creating content, playing in WordPress, and posting to the company’s social media accounts as one of the voices behind the brand.

Connect with Lissa on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn @LissaDuty. Google “Lissa Duty” to find an endless stream of information about her contributions to social media and the community.

Workshop Details

Rocks Digital Marketing Clinic

Are you a DIY’er and struggling with digital marketing? Or perhaps you are a marketer and need to take in the highlights of something new. And what about trying to rank your business or a client’s business higher in SERPs, but everything you try just isn’t working?

Congratulations then, because you’re in the right place: New to Rocks Digital this year is the Rocks Digital Marketing Clinic! We have been lucky enough to get a smart-smart group of experts to answer your questions and provide support. This clinic is in a one-on-one format where you choose the expert you would like to speak with, and you get 5 to 15 minutes to pick their brain and get the answers you need.

Organizer Lissa Duty, Mike Stewart, Byron Ingraham and John Nosal will all be there to lend their expertise.

Meet the other experts – Byron Ingraham, John Nosal and Mike Stewart.

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