Do Gut Feelings Have a Place in Business? Three Reasons to Listen to Your Intuition

Three Reasons to Listen to Your IntuitionAs we explore how to listen to your intuition, first consult your memory. Do you know the song, I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas? If not, stop right now and go to YouTube and listen to the chorus – over and over and over again. I want that lyric, “I gotta feeling today is going to be a good day” to play over and over in your head. Well, OK, what it really says is “I gotta feeling tonight’s going to be a good night,” but we are taking the liberty to edit so you will remember!

Listen to Your Intuition – It’s Your Internal Consultant

Do you hate it when a song gets stuck in your head? Well, sometimes it’s a good thing to make you remember, and today I want to talk about helping you remember about one of the most powerful resources in your sales arsenal – your intuition.

Intuition is something that we are all born with. It’s that feeling you get about a specific situation or person that alerts you whether or not they seem trustworthy, or if you should continue interacting with them. Just keep in mind that your intuition actually functions as an ever-present “internal consultant.”

3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Intuition

Do you know that the majority of people often tend to ignore this “feeling” issued from their consultant, which can sometimes lead to unproductive or harmful results. Keep reading for why you need to start listening today.

1. Successful People Routinely Use Intuition as a Tool

One of the things that successful people often credit is their intuition, and how it helped them agree to closing a deal or to meet with someone who would greatly impact their career. When you are in a situation, and you get that feeling that it could be very beneficial to you and your career, you should listen to it and not push it aside.

2. Overcome Fear

The primary reason that we do not listen to our intuition is because of fear. In most cases, it is often a life-changing event or high-risk deal that we are afraid of messing up, so we tune out that little voice that’s telling us to go for it.

Have you ever been faced with an important decision and then backed out because you were afraid to listen to your intuition, and then heard about someone else taking the same shot and succeeding? That could very well have been you, if you hadn’t let your fear step in and control your decision.

3. Avoid Regrets Down the Line

Intuition is a real feeling. It has been shown that people who follow their instincts and make certain decisions are often more successful than those who do not. Many people choose not to follow their intuition and later regret that decision – but they just do not trust it. If you are faced with a decision or the opportunity to work with someone, listen to what your gut is telling you as it is hardly ever wrong. Sort of like your Mom… you do know by now that she was hardly ever wrong, don’t you? 🙂

If you do not regularly listen to your intuition, and have often wondered how things might have turned out had you made the opposite decision, you experience regret. Regret is not a feeling that you want to live with and carry around with you in sales! It’s time for you to embrace and listen to that little voice that is telling you to make a decision. It may not always be a “yes” decision, but it is one that you will likely not spend the immediate future regretting.

Honor Your Own Instincts – Listen to Your Intuition

The time has come for you to stop focusing on what could go wrong rather than what could go right by listening to your intuition. Basically, honor your own instincts! Stop insisting that it isn’t real, or that the opportunity will never work out, because it may actually be the best decision that you make in your career. I gotta feeling!

Do you already listen to your intuition? Or do you routinely squelch those gut feelings as “non-scientific” data? Let’s hear your thoughts, intuitive or otherwise, in the comments!

Debbie Mrazek

Debbie Mrazek, author of the Field Guide to Sales, is a sales coach who delivers a sales prescription that really works. She teaches individuals how to transform their talents into s-a-l-e-s.

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