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Dallas Socia Media Conference Selfie Eric TungDFW Rocks Social Media 2014 ends with Rocks Digital Re-Branding

DFW Rocks Social Media 2014 is over … and Rocks Digital is on the agenda for next year and I am keeping my blogging fingers limber!

This was my first time live-blogging and it was honestly nothing like I expected. But not in a bad way at all. It was so much more fun than I had anticipated, and there was so much knowledge to assimilate and distill it was a little overwhelming at times – trying to capture wisdom and determine what will matter to other people isn’t simple.

Social Media is fabulous for creating connections.

You can connect globally in an instant. And I am a firm believer that “Internet Friends” are as much “real friends” as people you sit down to dinner with regularly. You can argue that your Internet Friends will never be around to help you move, but that isn’t what makes a friend a “real” friend in my book.

I made several connections at the conference and I am looking forward to keeping in touch with several people. There is one particular connection (I’m not going to name names) that I am still a little surprised about. If you had told me before the conference that I’d “click” with this person I probably would have scoffed … but somehow I found the courage to actually be conversational (I’m much more comfortable with the written word) and I’m glad I took the leap of faith.

The one big thing I am taking away from the whole experience is that connections matter.

Not just “liking” someone’s Facebook page or “following” them on Twitter or adding them to a circle on G+ or adding them as a “connection” on LinkedIn. The connections need to go beyond that. Beyond the keyboard, beyond the computer screen … the connections need to be deeper and more meaningful. And the connections are why I am already looking forward to next year.

Many thanks to Lissa Duty for allowing me the honor and privilege of live blogging at the conference.

See y’all next year at Rocks Digital 2015!

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