Living Healthy is just Good Business

Living Healthy for the Business OwnerPlanes, Trains, Automobiles, and Offices is the life of success in the business world as we blaze trails, make new connections, and prosper. Living healthy is not easy in the hustle and bustle of the life of a business owner or an employee.

All the running around can run you down with every trip out of town; handshake-by-handshake and business meal after business meal trying to complete each business deal.

The Affect of Doing Business on Our Bodies

The business world can be every bit as competitive, mentally trying, physically demanding, and emotionally draining as any sport we watch on TV.

  • Countless hours spent sitting has shown to increase spine degradation and postural deviations that lead to carpal tunnel and sciatic nerve problems along with a shortening life span much like smoking.
  • Heavy bags you lift and carry during travel, and that includes your 30-pound purse ladies.
  • Stress of closing that last deal to make numbers and keep your position or set a new sales record and get a bonus.
  • Grabbing whatever bite of something to eat you can because it is fast and easy, or skipping meals all together because you don’t have time to stop to eat.

You must be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to have success in business while not suffering burn out and injury due to all the daily demands at the office and at home. Closing deals is all good, but if you do not live long enough to reap the rewards what is the point.

Everyone from the CEO to the kid in the mailroom must make time to invest in each of these areas to grow as a person and show the true potential living within.

The healthier you are the more time you have to enjoy life and that is just good business. ~ Clint Fuqua

5 Strategies for Living Healthy Daily

  1. Read books and take courses to help increase your mental capacity and technical skills to be more productive.
  2. Enjoy a hobby that will help you release stress and keep you emotionally balanced.
  3. Exercise and eat well so your body can handle all the daily activities and germ filled places you will encounter.
  4. Wash your hands and keep your workspace clean.
  5. Keep healthy snacks around the house, in your car, desk or laptop bag or purse.

It is important to live healthy year round, not just when it is easy or convenient. Start by making one healthy choice at a time, it gets easier and easier with each choice you make. Think about how you can integrate healthy living into your branding. Wouldn’t eat be great to be known as the healthy guy by your peers?

What kind of choices are you making daily? What works for you on your quest for living healthy? Share below and let’s discuss.

Clint Fuqua

Clint Fuqua, author of “Personal Health Care Reform”, is an accomplished Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience and specialized training in all areas of health, nutrition, and exercise.

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