Living a Healthy Life – Stacking the Odds for Success

Live a Healthy LifeThe odds of having any success at living a healthy life are sadly very much stacked against you as many come to a very abrupt and regrettably flabby end. I don’t write this to belittle your efforts or stop your resolution to get healthy before the new year revolves back around on January 1st, as it does annually. I write this to help you stack the odds in your favor for a much better and perkier end than the one you are sitting on right now.

How to be Successful at Living a Healthy Life

Making a Healthy Life Your New Year’s Resolution

If Vegas had betting lines on people getting in shape in January it would be 100:1 odds, and not in your favor. By January 15th (aka Resolution Dump Day) 50% of the people that started a health program on Jan 1 will have quit, and by Jan 31 another 30% will decide to punt their resolution to the next year. February puts a chocolate-covered stake through the heart of another 10%, leaving only a meager 10% to march forth – with half of them washed out in April showers.

That’s right, by the end of April only 5% of the people that started with the best of intentions weathered the storms of nature and life to achieve the benefit of a slightly better summer body – and another 4% might melt away by July 4th. The problem is that the resolutions were only the best of intentions, rather than solutions with resolute willful intentions. Yes, failing to plan is just planning to fail – or at least giving yourself an out so you don’t have to change or improve, as those two things are what hold 99% of people back.

Make Plans to Implement Your Healthy Life

Change is tough, and improving or progressing is even tougher because you can’t and won’t be the same person you were, nor will you ever be. Make plans to improve your life through small simple steps that will solve the problems you face on a daily basis. Make plans to eat better meals. Make plans to move more each day. Make plans to treat yourself better each day. Make plans to treat those you care about and see every day better each day. Make plans for a better life, and find others that will help hold you accountable to those plans. Stack the odds in your favor for healthy successes each day, and for the best end you can create.

Learn how to use the tools and rules of game planning to improve your health and daily life. Game planning can be a great motivator and even better, a measure of success when using it to improve your life by making it a part of your world – rather than allowing life to dictate what happens in your world. Be among the minority that uses positive game planning to be a positive influence in the lives of others and let it show through your healthy life, body, and attitude.

Get Moving to Keep Moving

Move your body every day for success in all aspects of life. The more you start to move your body the more it will be able to move, and the more you will want to move it. Use the tool of game planning to help you evolve into the best of yourself, rather than dissolve into nothingness as life plans your health away. Find the groups and people (both online and more importantly in real life) that will help support the life you want to live in the real world, giving you a team to join and win with in health. This one thing can be the ultimate secret to your success in living a healthy life every day.

Fuel Your Healthy Life with the Proper Diet

Eat well, and learn how to do it to keep your energy and strength up, as life can get harder and harder the further you move into improving yourself and your health. The ability to achieve more will help to build a better life and improve self-esteem as you fuel your success with every bite. This one thing will feed your health just as it will starve out disease and protect your wealth.

One final thought to improve your health before the year ends and the New Year begins. Learn how to improve, get up and move, eat only the best, do all three as needed, and make sure to get some much needed vacation time to rest!

How do you plan on making your life healthier in the New Year? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Clint Fuqua

Clint Fuqua, author of “Personal Health Care Reform”, is an accomplished Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience and specialized training in all areas of health, nutrition, and exercise.

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