Local Search and SEO Experts Travel from Far and Wide to Share Their Knowledge at Rocks Digital 2017

Local Search SEO Track 2017What better way to spend Local Search Day than with some of the top local search and SEO experts out there? If you are just now joining me in this series as I spotlight all the sessions, you can learn about the keynotes here.

This year’s Rocks Digital Marketing Conference lineup includes a track dedicated to local search and SEO.  Yes, you will gain knowledge, and learn what businesses should be doing to place higher in local search results – and expand their local presence. Plus you’ll gain practical tips and insider secrets that you can put to use immediately.

Rocks Digital Will Provide the Sweet Tea and the SEO Expert Slang

The south is known for serving up sweet tea on a hot summer’s day, or some good ’ole Texas slang. June 29 will be one spectacular day where you can have both the tea and the slang! Presenters on the Local Search and SEO track will explore the evolution of SEO, conversion-centric link building, and how to win the zombie search apocalypse! Keep on reading to learn more about these can’t-miss break-out sessions.

Take a Journey with Lance Bachmann

If you have ever wondered how far search has come, digital marketing master Lance Bachmann – who entered this space while at YellowPages.com – is the guide for you. Lance will show you how to embrace this digital marketing journey you travel in your work each day. Considering the future of search, would you like to anticipate what’s coming vs. merely adjusting as needed? Then this insightful session is built for you. Meet Lance.

To Link or Not to Link? That is the Question Moosa Hemani Will Answer

Google says “it’s bad to focus on building links” while SEOs say “build links!” and businesses declare they just want more customers. In this session, Moosa Hemani, traveling all the way from Pakistan, is going to share the when, why and how to link building. He’ll also be sharing the advanced strategies he uses to give client websites the boost they need – and methods to convert more site visitors into leads and then customers. Meet Moosa.

Michelle Stinson Ross Calls on All Zombie Enthusiasts for the Rise of the SEO Undead

The zombie search apocalypse is coming to Rocks Digital and it’s not waiting for dark to come out and play! Yes, the SEO Undead is alive and well but don’t worry, because Michelle Stinson Ross will explain why. You’ll learn new methods to continue to reach customers in search results that are morphing almost daily due to user behavior. Expect guest appearances from SEO influencers in her deck, as she’ll be integrating some of their perspectives. Meet Michelle.

Texas is HOT and the Topics are Hotter!

This is one steamy afternoon in Texas you will not want to miss! If you haven’t yet registered for Rocks Digital 2017 do it now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Click the link and register now.

Bonus alert: Use promo code LOCALROCKS and save $75 off your ticket! Not sure you can get away? Read the conference agenda anyway!

Let’s ROCK Local Search Day 2017!

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