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Fall in Love with Live Streaming

Live Streaming Love
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We are already in the second month of 2017 and I must admit, I am in LOVE! I am in love with live streaming live events and experiences. This past month our video production company live streamed our first 3-day conference and we learned so much. Despite all of the challenges with the event venue and our dedicated internet bandwidth needs for our equipment, things went amazingly well and our services received high reviews.

Tips for Live Streaming Excellence

As we have well heard, video is “it.” 2016 was coined the year of video by many digital marketing experts, and it will continue to reign. Live streaming events, experiences, workshops and special announcements will continue to evolve for both professional and personal use.

A Few Pointers for Your Next Live Streaming Opportunity

Live Streaming Camera Suggestion – the Mevo

If you want to get multiple-shot options from one single camera with wide-angle lens to cover the area your speaker(s) are presenting from, the Mevo camera by Livestream is my #1 choice.

We use this in our production services and purchased the kit that includes the boost for extra battery. I also include purchasing the optional insurance via Amazon.

The Mevo also:

  • Has a facial-recognition technology to it that can follow your speaker in auto-mode. Again, just some cool and useful stuff!
  • Allows you to edit in real-time as you record.
  • Can simulcast to other platforms including via Livestream, Facebook Live and YouTube Live (currently working on sharing to other platforms like Periscope, too!)
  • Plus, it saves the footage to the camera itself via a micro SD card.
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Bandwidth Needs

Depending on the venue, there are certain bandwidth needs you’ll have if using a Mevo or similar camera to live stream properly. To read up on what these may look like, check out Livestream’s eBook for the details, HERE.

For Live Streaming Perfection, Have a Plan B

Regardless of what camera equipment you have in mind to use, have a Plan B. We ended up having to use our Plan B because the venue’s firewalls and technology didn’t allow us to properly stream. This was a big learning lesson all the way around for the hotel venue and for us! We had bought dedicated bandwidth, communicated with them on our technology needs, but they were not aware that they were not actually set up to follow through on the business agreement.

All of that to say: HAVE A PLAN B, and C, and so on …

A good Plan B option is to always have the following:

  • iPhone
  • Extra phone charger
  • iPhone mount – I’ve researched many and this is my favorite mount type that I use.
  • Full-length tripod. I have one like this tripod (to attach iPhone mount to). It’s functional and easy to transport.
  • Gaff tape – Gaff tape is important for safety (tape things down so no one trips on the wires) and to secure things as needed (i.e. charging cable running down tripod to wall). It comes off easily and doesn’t normally damage most surfaces.
  • Extension cord – always a good thing to have anyway. I also have a cool travel version that has built-in USB ports. Love this travel extension cord.

Facebook Resources for Live Streaming

If you aren’t using a live stream platform like Livestream, you will want to create an event page on Facebook for the group of attendees to be able to view the live streamed content.

Learn how to create a private or public Facebook event page, HERE. Learn how to add photos and video to your Facebook event page, HERE. Learn how to create an event on Facebook (via a business page for example) HERE. And for more great event information for Facebook events, go HERE.

You’re Off to a Good Start!

We just covered the tools and tech for a successful live streaming of an event or experience.

How are you feeling?

You might be feeling good knowing a bit more about live streaming events, but also still wonder how it all comes together. That would be more than a blog-full, however, so let’s explore a few best practices to keep in mind and maybe we will look at this further in a future post.

Live Streaming Best Practices for Events

Pre-Event Review

Review the entire event flow as those who are there in-person will experience it. What are some of the key moments that can be made into digital activities for those viewing from your live stream?

Event Materials & Collateral

Looking at the event flow, are there handouts or presentation slides that would be beneficial to have as digital copies for those tuning in via the live stream? What is your preferred way to deliver that to them: email attachment, shared as a link within the live stream directly to the resource, or as a resource they get a link to – and must provide their email address to download? There are so many ways to connect them to the resource, think of “who” is tuning in and “how” they are related to the experience. What is the best way to meet them where they are?


Will you offer replays? Good to know this from the start as you look at promoting it, or possibly monetizing the event being live streamed.


Will there be someone moderating the live stream conversations the entire time, partially, or not at all? A good thing to know in advance as far as how you will promote it and what additional costs this may add to the budget.

Live Streaming Follow-Up

What follow-up after the event would you like to have with live stream viewers? Will you offer a Q&A session exclusively for them, a follow-up group call, or a PDF of notes?

Once you have made your way through these steps, you are ready to join the live streaming phenomenon. If you don’t feel confident at first you can always practice with a few close friends until you get the hang of it. However, once you see the response you get from your audience you will fall in love just like I did.

Have you used live streaming yet? Share what you thought of this tool at your event, workshop or experience!


Caz Gaddis

Caz Gaddis is a social media strategist + video producer who loves personal branding and self-development. Founder of SelfCrafted Media | Podcaster | MA Communications, graduating Fall 2016.

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