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Marketing Tips to Achieve Success

Woman SpeakerAmy Kinnaird, public speaker and founder of Uncommon Sense Marketing, presented us with some highly valuable marketing tips to achieve success and get the career you love.

Start with a plan – We write business and marketing plans, but boil it down and refocus. Put a revenue model together, figure out how to get there. Sales is no good without marketing.

Put together a Marketing calendar. Decide what you want to do that is marketing related (holidays, speaking, etc.)

  1.  Spend 15 minutes a week on LinkedIn building your connections. You have to be a connector and build relationships. Be known for helping people get what they want, and others will help you get what you want.
  2.  People know you do something, but not exactly what you do. Do a “Warm Letter,” write a letter to companies, individuals, saying what you do, what clients you’re looking for, and offer a phone call. Whenever something in your business changes, people want to help you, but they need to know how they can help.
  3.  Know everything about your competition and how you stand out. Even though we always have a roller coaster journey with business, have something that is always consistent.
  4.  Consider redoing your website. Refresh it and add to it constantly. Re-brand if necessary.
  5.  Be awesome at what you do.
  6.  Get testimonials on your website, or a recommendation on LinkedIn.
  7.  Follow-up.
  8.  Optimize your high resolution images and large files.
  9.  Video testimonials. Gather them as soon as clients start working with you and loving your services.
  10.  Write a book. It’s a great marketing tool.
  11.  Be a guest on someone’s podcast or radio show, or start your own. Give the illusion of being everywhere, and use different mediums to get seen in different forms.
  12.  Write articles for local magazines or trade journals. Re-purpose other articles you have.
  13.  Write better headlines for your newsletters, blog posts, etc. Use Take the original name, and change it 25 times.
  14.  Have a call to action on your voice message, email, on everything.
  15.  Curate other peoples’ content.
  16.  Pick up the phone. Call people without an agenda, and build a relationship.
  17.  USPS Every-Door Direct – Get bulk mailing rates without having to be a large company.
  18.  Have a sale or a party for your best clients.
  19.  Accountability partners. Get a partner to hold you accountable and help you when you
  20.  Birthday cards, holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, off holidays like Groundhog Day, etc.) cards, thank you cards, even to people who don’t buy from you.
  21.  Get a branded name tag.
  22.  Local networking. Go to events, network, look for people who are near you who need you. You can keep a business with the people.
  23.  Do marketing every single day – 30 minutes to an hour a day.

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