Martin Shervington, Keynote Google Plus Speaker

Martin Shervington, Google Plus Expert to Speak at Digital Marketing Conference in TexasMartin Shervington, Google Plus Expert is Coming to Texas

Martin Shervington is a marketing Psychologist as well as a consultant, speaker, trainer and coach on all things Google+. As the community manager for both “Plus Your Life” and “Plus Your Business”, his role is to support individuals and new businesses as they learn to use Google+. He currently splits his time between the UK and the USA with clients he works with on both continents, but is finding himself more and more in Europe and South American as his client list grows in these countries as well.

With a post-grad in Organizational Psychology he often runs fun experiments to learn more about the power of Google+ and share the results back with the community so we are able to learn together.

With over 1 million followers, he leads the way with taking the benefits of Google+ out into the world, one conversation at a time. Martin is the author of the online guide: What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide.

Martin specializes in delivering “added value” with a direct approach but not forgetting to sprinkle in a little fun along the way. And Martin knows how to have fun since he has been known to do a little stand-up comedy whenever he gets the chance. He is also the author of several books including: “Developmental Coaching” and “Peak Performance”.

Keynote Presentation Details

Just about everything you need to know about Google Plus for Business!

Covering everything from ‘why you need to be on it’ to how you can make the most G+ for personal branding and building your business online.  Martin Shervington will share his innovative approach to getting results for your marketing dollars on Google+. When you build your brand on Google+ you will gain a community of fans that will become loyal to that brand. And since Google+ is Google, their search algorithms will love your brand just as much as your fans.

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