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Consider moving to a not .com for Your Website

Keywords and semantic meaning

Ability to precisely match key terms to a domain name, for products, services, and corporate identity

No loss of Google and search engine love

Lack of available domains

Google Adwords Case Study

  • Keywords the same for all ads
  • Bids the same (1.00 per click bid)
  • Same landing page, same content
  • Only difference was the domain named used:

Results for .DIAMONDS

35% conversion rate

New TLD Stats – – All the TLD options (800+)

Check for when new domain endings will come out

.ATTORNEY, and more!

Things to Know

  • Don’t take moving to another domain lightly
  • Problems can be avoided with proper planning
  • Moving to a new gTLD can be done successfully
  • Notify Google you’ve moved to a new domain name thru Google Search Console

Senior VP – Agency Services, Advice Interactive

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