Neal Schaffer is coming to Dallas in June!

I have been asking one question for the past few months on the DFW Rocks Social Media Facebook Page … Dallas are you ready for Neal Schaffer?

Who the heck is Neal Schaffer anyway? Is that what you are thinking?

Neal Schaffer Dallas Social Media ConferenceNeal Schaffer is an international speaker, author and known around the world for his knowledge on social media, specifically on LinkedIn and Google+. Neal really knows and understands all the social media platforms, in addition to the social media mindset and marketing skills required to achieve online success. You might not realize this, but once you understand two or three really well the others have the same basic concept. You must learn how to successfully navigate the platform and the best way to get your social media posts noticed on the site, but what you post and how is very similar.

Neal Schaffer is presenting for his first time in Dallas at the 3rd annual DFW Rocks Social Media Conference! He will be flying in from Europe to educate the DFW Rocks Social Media Conference attendees about the power of social media, specifically presenting on “Maximizing Google+ for Your Business“. The word is he will also be attending the Mashable’s Social Media Day celebration afterwards, which all of the conference attendees and the general public is invited to attend.

You can visit PR Underground’s Social Media Press release site to get the entire story!

If you haven’t registered for the 3rd annual National DFW Rocks Social Media conference NOW is the time! The regular registration fee ends May 31st! [Read More]

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