The Non-Hostile Social Media Takeover: Leveraging Influencers to Grow a Brand

The Non-Hostile Social Media TakeoverWhile most companies, brands and personalities prefer to keep a tight rein on access to their social media channels, social media takeovers can create awareness and leverage an influencer or celebrity’s reach to increase your own audience.

What is a Social Media Takeover?

A social media takeover is essentially when you or a client allow an influencer to manage their social media account for a period of time (usually only several hours). The social media takeover can coincide with the launch of a service or product, or with an event you want to amplify.

Who Should Host the Takeover?

The host of the social media takeover will depend on your goals for the launch, event, or whatever you are trying to highlight. For an event, perhaps you have a local radio host or online personality use Instagram stories to interview guests about their experience. If you have a new product, a subject matter expert could show off how they use the product in their daily lives through a how-to series of short videos.

How Do I Structure a Takeover?

You can do it one of two ways: record the videos and photos prior to the takeover and upload within the stated takeover timeline, or give access in real-time to the host, then simply change the passwords afterwards to maintain security of the account. Takeovers can be held on Instagram via Instastories or Snapchat, but with Facebook jumping into the ephemeral post world, you can cross-promote on there as well.

What Does Success Look Like with a Social Media Takeover?

You can measure in three metrics: new followers, engagement (likes, comments and direct messages), and website traffic sourced from Instagram or Facebook. Instagram allows you to point viewers to links via Instastories, making directing buyers to the “buy now” button even easier. (Note: this feature is only available for verified accounts.)

Also, be sure to ask your host to promote the social media takeover on their own channels. Engaged followers will come to see their favorite personality engage with your product, lending credibility to your brand – and earning your brand new followers.

Bonus Tip: Consider offering a giveaway prize for those who tune in for the takeover. Not only does it give you another way to capture information, but who doesn’t love a chance to win a product endorsed by their favorite influencer or celebrity?

Have you had a successful social media takeover for a client or your company? Tell us your story in the comments!

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