The Now, The New, The Next in Mobile by Lance Bachmann At Rocks Digital 2016 – Live Blog

Learn What’s Now, New and Next in Mobile

Lance Bachmann is the President and CEO of 1SEO Digital Agency.

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be more people with mobile phones (5.5 billion) than with electricity in their homes (5.3 billion).

  • 90% of time on mobile is spent in apps

Searching is the most common starting point for mobile research

  • 48% start on search engines
  • 33% start on branded websites
  • 26% start on branded apps

How do you reach users? Use the tools of paid advertising, online marketing, integrated campaigns, push notifications.

Expanded Text Ads in Beta Testing:

These new ads are designed to maximize presence on mobile search results. They will be 50% greater, including a prominent headline with more space for products/services.

Promoted Pins:

As users are using their location and performing Google searches, pins will show up on the screen for restaurants, shops, etc. These promoted pins can show demographics, pictures, and more interactive images/videos.


Coming Up Next in Mobile….

  • Personally predictive
  • Wearable Devices
  • Voice Search
  • Smart clothing (text, respond to an email, and use your phone through your clothing)
  • Bio-hacking
  • Modular Devices (you can choose the individual parts of your phone)

Key Takeaways:

  1. Mobile is here to stay
  2. Utilize SEO, PPC, and SOCIAL to promote growth online
  3. Grow with your audience as technology changes
  4. Stay current with technology news to stay ahead of the curve

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