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Knowledge is Power: Catch Up with an Overview of October’s Must-Knows

October Must-KnowsOctober was a busy month for Rocks Digital. Our contributors had a lot to say! We welcomed new contributors aboard and welcomed back many dedicated ones. Keep reading for a glimpse into each of the 19 posts we published. You’ll definitely want to click each link and get more on the topics represented.

How Not to Stink at Social Selling

Using Social Media to sell (and do it well) isn’t easy. Harley David Rubin shares some pointers on the right way to sell on the “big three” platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Wrangle Your Reputation

Moosa Hemani offers practical tips on practicing good reputation management hygiene. Remember, a thousand compliments can be destroyed by one wicked complaint. Reputation Management skills are a must-have tool in a business owner’s toolbox. 

Your Feed Shouldn’t Feed a Tragedy

You should be keeping an eye on what you post every day, but on a day when tragedy strikes, do you have a plan to suspend your scheduled posts? You should. Roxanne Roark reminds us why keeping an eye on the news and your timelines is a must for protecting your brand.

The Keys to Locking in Your LinkedIn Marketing

Are you leveraging LinkedIn well, or are you experiencing a failure to communicate? Moss Clement explains how a little tweaking and some killer content can jump-start your lead generation. Optimize, Create, Join is your new LinkedIn mantra!

Trendy Email Marketing Tactics

Remember when email was just a way to avoid having to make cold calls? Helga Zabalkanskaya shared some top trends to help you get the most from your email marketing. Add some bells and whistles, a stylish signature and a quick video, and make your list the place to be!

Luring Influencers as a Brand Growing Strategy

If your brand needs a boost, Veleisa Burrell tells you how to let an influencer take your brand “hostage” and share your story with their followers. A social superstar influencer (or their super-savvy wrangler) can amplify your brand and boost your social credibility. Plus, you get to hang out with the cool kids! Win-win!

Is There Fun in Your Funnel?

No, you don’t need to visit your kitchen when we’re talking about funnels. Kim Starry demystifies sales funnels and even color-codes it for you! (Infographics make business jargon more palatable, right?) Who knew cooking up new business could be so much fun?

Branding Guides Keep Your Brand Personality Safe

Do you have a branding strategy? Is it documented somewhere, or is it just in your head? Victoria Roseberry helps us understand what a branding guide is, why we need it, and how it will keep Myrtle in Marketing from making a mess of your slick new brochures while you’re at the “convention” in Fiji.

Social Media Productivity Solutions & Procrastination Slayers

Before you fall down the social media rabbit hole again, check out Tanya Smith’s techniques for blasting social media blues! Don’t do it if you don’t love it – there’s a lot of people out there to whom you can outsource. Document your way to FREEDOM!

Back in My Day (A Look at Integrated Marketing History)

Ahh, the good old days of direct mail, print ads and celebrity PR appearances! Now we have banner ads, blogs, and the elusive art of Search Engine Optimization. Harley David Rubin walks you down Integrated Marketing memory lane, while reminding us that it’s always been about making sure consumers get the message.

Create Customer Allies to Boost Your Brand

Responding well to negative reviews is just one (hopefully tiny) part of your company’s social strategy. You should be concentrating, though, on identifying and creating customer advocates who will be the champions of your brand. Matthew Hellinger sheds light on the proper cultivation and care of your brand’s best friends.

Look! You Can Use Social to Boost Your Biz!

While it’s certainly OK to stick with the “big three” social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), if you are creative you can also find clever uses for Instagram and Pinterest. Yes, even if your business isn’t selling pretty products! In this post, I look at outside-the-box ways to share snapshots of your business, even if you think it isn’t picture-perfect.

Platform Paralysis – How to Pick Your Social Media Home

There are a lot of social media platforms out there, and it seems everyone has an opinion on which one you MUST be on. Stevan McGrath helps us slog through the murky social media swamp and get to where your target audience can find you. No vine-swinging necessary!

The Journey to Conversion

How do you get your client from discovery to purchase? Helen Cartwright has drawn us a map to make sure we can easily get our potential clients from point A to point B. From relationship building to crafting your CTA we’ll stay on the right path, while making sure that getting there is AT LEAST half the fun! 

Great Goals Start SMART!

Goals are a spark that, without some motivation, will fizzle out and be lost in the sea of if-only. John Carroll helps fan the flame of momentum that will ignite your passion for obtaining your goals! Put on your game FACE and grab the brass ring.

Engage! (Not Just For Starship Captains…)

Creating connections and building relationships on social media is the goal. But you need to make sure it’s a dialogue, and not just you shouting into the void. Mark Toney shares the pillars of power for getting the most from social media with eight simple strategies.

Robotics, AI and Automation – Oh My!

The robot invasion is nigh! Well OK, maybe not. But more and more businesses are implementing the use of Artificial Intelligence (chat bots, for instance) and automating functions to make things more efficient and cost-effective. Catherine Park shares how innovation and automation are helping businesses do more with their resources. (I hope it’s awhile before the bots start blogging.)

Don’t Let the Sick Bug Get You Down!

Are you germ-a-phobic? Maybe you should be! With all the sneezing, sniffling and coughing heading our way, we need to AMP up our immunities. Clint Fuqua shares witty and helpful verses on how to rise above sickness and recover if the bug catches you this season.

Verified Business Listings Have Winning Benefits

Are you a business owner? Do you have a brick-and-mortar location? Are your listings claimed – and is your data correct? The #QueenofLocalSEO, Bernadette Coleman, shares all the winning benefits for business, consumers and the community that result when that data is claimed, corrected, and optimized!

Wow! If you read to the end I know you’ve gained some important knowledge and insights! While Francis Bacon may have said it first, we all know that Knowledge is Power!

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Laura Darkstar

Laura Darkstar, owner of Adminderella, is an Administrative Strategist, Blogger, Entrepreneur & Aspiring Novelist. She loves social media and small biz owners.

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