Overcoming The Fear of Failure and Rejection To Create A Booming Success

Overcoming Fear of Failure to Create SuccessLet’s face it, there is not a person alive who looks forward to hearing no from a prospective customer, business partner, or even the banker. One of the things that can hold a business back from experiencing growth, is the fear of failure or rejection. It is a natural tendency to seek approval from the world around you. So how do you overcome something which evokes negative feelings internally to create a booming success?

First, it is important to understand that the fear of failure or rejection is a learned behavior. No one is born with this sensation, as it is something that is learned during childhood. Think back to your childhood and remember the times that someone said “Don’t do that, you might get hurt.” Over time, hearing that in various ways instills fear into your life. Did you ever hear “Don’t talk to strangers” while growing up? Granted there is a valid reason for doing so, but it also imprints into the mind a fear that if you talk to someone you do not know that you will get hurt. Because of moments like these, we need to create a shift in our belief system to succeed and grow a successful business in today’s world.

4 Strategies For Overcoming Fear of Failure

1. Visualize the Task
A technique that professional athletes and peak performers utilize is visualization. This involves visualizing yourself performing the task that you are going to do at a later point in time. The point of this exercise is to see yourself performing the task and succeeding. This exercise ultimately will break down the fears that you might have had in the past. For example, when you talk to someone who is a prospective customer, it will be a simple task for you because you have already performed the action countless times prior to doing it in person.

2. Make it a Competition
For many people, winning creates a very powerful sensation in the mind and body. Every time we win at something in life, it results in an increase in pleasure within our bodies. It is the reason why you see people addicted to video games or sports, and practice relentlessly to win. When you turn it into a competition, you can begin to create the same effect and turn it into a pleasure generating activity.

3. Do it First
One way to ensure that you get past barriers in your life is to do them first thing. For most people the morning is when the greatest amount of productivity takes place. So, to increase the number of things you get done, calls you get in, and, ultimately, the number of appointments that you generate, get them done first.

4. Detach Yourself From the Outcome
How many times have you heard someone say no to you after giving the best presentation of your life? When we create an emotional attachment to the outcome, we can unintentionally set ourselves up for failure if they do not sign the contract and conduct business with us. You always have to remember that no matter how good your product or service is, there will always be some people that say yes, and some people that say no. By avoiding an attachment to the outcome, you will insulate yourself from the damage if they do not say yes.

Keep in mind that with 7 billion people living on the planet, there are more than enough potential customers for any business to market to, so don’t get hung up on a single idea, prospect or deal. If they say no, then it’s their loss, and you now have the opportunity to present your offer to someone who will say YES!

These are just a few strategies to help you overcome fears. What are some of the ways that you’ve found effective?

Byron Ingraham

Byron Ingraham is a business & marketing strategist, public speaker, and entrepreneur devoted to experiencing life to the fullest & teaching others how to do the same.

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