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Two Types of Powerful Business Videos

Every company can use two types of powerful business videos in their marketing tool belt. Although most have heard that videos will get more attention and drive customers to your business, where do you start? Start with understanding the fundamental tools for powerful business videos.

  • Company Profile Video
  • “How To” Videos

Company Profile Videos

Marketing Powerful Business Videos This is a short overview of who your company is, what you do, the benefits you deliver, and why your company exists. You’re not focusing on a specific feature or product, but your overall value proposition. Be careful to not lose the interest of the viewer by stuffing it with too many messages. Instead, streamline the content to what your customers need to know about you.

This is your elevator pitch. The viewer just wants to know who you are. They aren’t ready to make a purchase. With a strategically scripted company profile video, the viewer can quickly understand what your company has to offer. The fact is, your customers most likely prefer video to any communication method. We all do.

Remember sales brochures? This video essentially works in the same way. But, a great video is more engaging than just a brochure. With the right music, pacing and imagery, your company profile video can deliver your value proposition far better than you even could in person. However, if you happen to have sales pages or brochures, a company profile video complements them nicely.

If you are looking to strengthen your website’s about page, try adding a visually appealing company profile video. Watching is easier than reading an about page, plus it is much more engaging.

How to Use B-Roll

Your video will contain both A-roll and B-roll.

  • A-roll is the subject or person talking
  • B-roll is complementary to the subject and typically more generic

B-roll is most likely to be under utilized, mainly because capturing great B-roll is difficult. It is much harder to find interesting shots to visually illustrate the A-roll narration, which is why exceptional, professional video is priced the way it is. Capturing great B-roll can be done by anyone with a smartphone these days, so don’t be discouraged if you cannot afford a big budget profile video at the moment. Start with creating your own if you must, then upgrade when you can.

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Company Profile Video:

  • Not Starting with the Thumbnail: You judge a book by its cover, you judge a video by its cover as well… its typically a thumbnail. Be sure to take a photo of what your ideal thumbnail would look like. Imagine what the text will say, where it will be placed, and how large it will be. If you can make the thumbnail before the video is even made, it could even help you focus in on your message in the video script.
  • Weak Script: A great company profile starts with a great interview. Many companies start off with a bad voiceover script, and try to make up for it with exciting drone footage. Use carefully crafted questions to create a great message. Example: “What is something your company believes that most other companies do not?” Remember, this is the starting point in the sales journey for the viewer.
  • Lack of Focus:  If the video quality is not what people would expect, you’re in trouble. If it’s not in focus, people will simply get bored. Whether you hire a video production agency, or shoot it on your iPhone, this video should make your brand stand out.
  • Insufficient Video: I hate videos with just the person talking, and no footage or overlay. Along with a compelling interview, you need the b-roll to complete the story. Ideally, you should get several options of b-roll for any specific point in the script. Things happen, and having multiple choices in the post production could be the difference between a good video, and a remarkable one.
  • Sub-Par Audio: Capture great interview driven content using a lavalier microphone. It’s possible, but not easy, to get good audio without a good microphone.

What Do You Do with Your Company Profile?

Typically, the profile lives on your company website. Platforms like Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube can host your video. Each platform has its own unique advantages. Ideally, all 3 could be used for an effective distribution strategy. In particular, YouTube is great from an SEO standpoint. Sharing is really easy, and can be a good fit for presentations, corporate email signatures, and social media sharing.

How To Videos

 “How To” videos are another type of powerful business videos. How To videos are the main course in your video buffet. Most of the videos you create should be the How to type. This is the content that allows you to reach your audience at all stages of the sales funnel. Visually interesting, attention-grabbing, and useful information is what works best.

You can get inspiration for these videos from these sources:

  • FAQ – If you have taken the time to answer these frequently asked questions on your company website, perhaps these questions should be answered in video form.
  • Audience Polling – Ask your audience what they would like to learn from you. Online groups, social media platforms and email can be used to capture customer opinions and requests.
  • Comments – Your blog and social media pages are already full of video ideas. If one of your potential customers is asking the question in comments, maybe others have wondered as well.
  • Tent Pole Events – Is there an event that your audience is interested in? Make a video highlighting its relevance and importance. Online searches around this particular event can be the way your brand is discovered. For example, many tech or start-up companies could use this technique with the SXSW conference, especially if they are exhibiting there.

I’ve talked about both Company Profiles and How To videos as being the two marketing tools used for the most powerful business videos. But writing this post reminds me that there’s a third tool needed for powerful business videos. It’s a compass. Surprised? Before you get started with filming or recording, you’ve got to know the direction you’re headed, and the message you want to communicate.

I believe every company can boost their sales using video. What do you think?

James Manning

James is a YouTube certified Video Marketer at Fresh Ink Marketing. As a digital strategist that manages campaigns across multiple platforms, he loves to help brands grow using video.

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