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10 Powerful Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing

Powerful Twitter Marketing
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Social media marketing is no longer an enigma, and that includes the world of Twitter. These days, brands are pushing the envelope to come up with new ways to redefine their digital marketing strategies.

If you wish to get your audience’s attention on social media, then you have to come up with something unique and outside-of-the-box. To do this, you can enlist the assistance of a platform like Twitter. With more than 300 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there.

10 Different Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter provides a hassle-free way for brands to create their own space while interacting with their audience on the go. To help you make the most out of this amazing medium, I have listed 10 different ways to use Twitter for marketing.

1. Create an Interesting Brand-Centric Profile on Twitter

Your profile is your introduction on any social media platform. Start out right and make sure that you have an engaging profile. If your brand profile is missing the basic information, then it won’t be taken seriously by your audience. While editing your profile keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Make sure that you have a professional, short, and relevant Twitter handle
  • Update your profile image, and have an appealing cover image to go with it
  • Fill in all the basic information, including your location, website, and more
  • Add hashtags and relevant keywords to your bio

An uninteresting profile can turn people off – and some of them could be your prospective leads!

As an example of what to do right, let’s take a look at the Twitter profile of Madalyn Sklar. The bio has included relevant hashtags, and the profile is linked to her website as well.


Twitter post 1


2. Drive a Hashtag Marketing Campaign via Twitter

Hashtags and keywords form the basic backbone of Twitter. If you want to create a unique space on Twitter, then come up with a smart hashtag for your brand. Your hashtag should be simple, relevant, and effective. Plenty of brands come up with engaging hashtag campaigns on Twitter these days. If you wish to succeed, then try to make it more interactive.

There are different ways to harness the power of hashtag marketing on Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur or managing a successful firm, you can always run a dedicated hashtag campaign for your brand on Twitter to get productive results.

Twitter has recently introduced emojis that can also be integrated with hashtags. You can use your brand’s hashtag to run an entire campaign, or come up with dedicated hashtags every now and then.

As a marketer, you can learn a thing or two from the #ShareACoke campaign by Coca-Cola. The brand started this hashtag campaign awhile back, and it is still used by fans the world over.

3. Use Visual Aids to Get Noticed on Twitter

More than 70% of marketers use visual content to get their audience’s attention on social media. No matter how unique or interesting your content is, if it is not represented in an appealing manner, then it won’t be able to yield fruitful results.

If you wish to make your tweets more interesting and get noticed by your audience, then get help by using visually appealing content. You can always use GIFs, small clips, or pictures while interacting with your audience. If you wish to impart productive information to your audience, you can always present it in infographics.

Netflix keeps their Twitter profile quite interesting by featuring visually appealing content to promote their shows. To win over your own audience you can also add short clips and GIFs in your tweets, like this:

4. Conduct Contests and Giveaways on Twitter to Increase Engagement

Who doesn’t love contests and giveaways! If you wish to gain more followers in less time, then you can just conduct a giveaway on Twitter. Simply ask your audience to follow you and retweet your content in order to be eligible for the giveaway.

On the other hand, contests can help you drive traffic while keeping your audience engaged. From a basic Q&A to a tag-a-friend chain, there are different kinds of contests you can run on Twitter. However, before you run a contest make sure that you inform your audience about its terms & conditions (while maintaining an unbiased approach).

Make the most out of an upcoming event by conducting a contest. For instance, Dell India recently came up with an interesting contest regarding Mother’s Day and managed to keep the theme relevant to their brand.

5. Offer Special Discounts for Your Twitter Followers

Every now and then, let your Twitter followers know how much you love them. Run dedicated offers for your Twitter followers (for a limited time period). You can even run an entire campaign on this and provide one-on-one support to your followers.

Not only will it increase your engagement or follower growth on Twitter, it can also boost your sales. You can conduct a flash sale for your Twitter audience.

6. Unleash the True Potential of Influencer Marketing

Traditional advertisement methods are gradually fading out. If you want to reach out to a bigger audience base, then you should definitely look into influencer marketing. It has been proven that the ROI of influencer marketing is 11 times greater than traditional marketing.

These days, people like to get recommendations and use the kinds of products leading experts rely on. Tap this marketing context, while getting in touch with leading experts and relevant influencers on Twitter to promote your brand. Additionally, you can get in touch with multiple influencers and drive an entire campaign around it, as Oreo did recently, collaborating with plenty of influencers for their #OREODunkSweepstakes campaign. You can also collaborate with leading experts and influencers to reach out to their audiences.

7. Promote Your Content to Get Featured on Twitter

If you want to feature a tweet and increase its overall reach, then you can always decide to promote it on Twitter. This will definitely boost its impressions, and your content would be able to reach out to a larger audience without any added effort.

To begin, boost a promotional tweet and measure its reach from your Twitter Analytics dashboard. While boosting, you can apply various filters to make sure that your content would reach out to your target audience. Here’s how Google Cloud has promoted their content to increase its visibility.

Twitter Post 2


8. Perform Social Media Listening

Most of the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are getting a little cluttered these days. If you wish to get rid of unwanted noise on these platforms, then get assistance from a reliable social media listening tool.

Following are some productive ways to improve your marketing strategy with social media listening.

  • Measure the overall reach of your campaigns
  • Get in touch with your audience instantly
  • Perform brand monitoring
  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Get to know about leading influencers
  • Perform real-time hashtag tracking and keyword analysis

There are times when users don’t mention brand handles while tweeting. But with the help of a social listening tool, you will never miss a conversation like that. You can see how Zappos was able to have a conversation with a user who didn’t mention their handle! Without performing social listening, they could have missed the tweet.

Twitter Post 3

9. Host Twitter Chats on Relevant Subjects

This is one of the best ways to interact with your audience while creating brand awareness at the same time. If you haven’t hosted a Twitter chat, then try to participate in a few chats beforehand.

To make the most out of a Twitter chat, make sure that you invite leading experts and come up with an interesting topic. Think from the perspective of your audience and have a related hashtag for the chat as well. Also, don’t conduct a Twitter chat out of the blue. Make proper announcements and keep your audience prepped-up for the chat.

Hootsuite conducts their ongoing Twitter chat #HootChat that provides fruitful discussions between leading digital marketers.

Twitter Post 4


Always do your bit of research, and know what to do before running a contest on social media platforms like Twitter. By running a successful contest on Twitter, you can certainly put your brand in the spotlight.

10. Make the Most Out of Twitter Analytics

Twitter has a dedicated analytics tool that can help you in several ways. Simply visit your Twitter Analytics dashboard to gain productive information related to your followers. This will help you set the tone of your content or come up with an engaging campaign.

You can obtain essential information related to your followers from your dashboard. For instance, you can discover what your followers are interested in, their ages, geographic locations and more. Additionally, you can also measure the reach of your content with respect to different parameters.

Twitter Post 5

Use this information in your favor while working on your next digital marketing strategy.

I’m sure that after following these suggestions you will certainly be able to make Twitter your most powerful marketing tool on social media. If you have any doubts regarding social media listening or Twitter marketing, feel free to drop a comment below and I will get back to you in no time.

Are you ready to implement some of these suggestions and level-up your social media marketing game? Tell us your favorite one in the comments below!

Pankaj Narang

A social media marketing enthusiast, Pankaj Narang is determined to shape his ideas into products. As Cofounder of Socialert, he comes up with engaging tools to redefine the face of digital marketing.

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