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Put Yourself Out There … And Take Your Business In A New Direction

OffBeat Business Bash 2015Are you tired of hearing about how your business success is connected to relationships? If you are, you might want to stop reading right now. This post is about relationships … creating real relationships.

I am not going to talk with you about networking, follow up or how to connect today, but I am going to share a story about how putting yourself out there creates the opportunity for real relationships.

  • And when I say “out there” I mean put yourself into situations where you have the opportunity to create real relationships.
  • Relationships that are more than “hi, nice to see you, how you doing today, buy my product”, but relationships that turn into so much more.
  • Relationships that you as an entrepreneur or business owner need to develop to have success in life and business.

This story is about a woman I meet originally on Twitter in 2010.

  • Susan who had a copy writing business but was not into going out and networking.
  • She was a highly successful copywriter and loved helping people.
  • She had spent so much time behind the desk with a computer and keyboard she had become more introverted.
  • She was comfortable, business was fine, and she didn’t need more money or clients necessarily, but something felt like it was missing.

One day, she saw one of my tweets about a #BizLink Networking Mixer later in the day and she told herself, “I am going attend this and meet @LissaDuty in real life.” Everything that could go wrong that day for her did and she had plenty of opportunity to use that as an excuse to not put herself out there, but Susan was determined to show up if only for a minute and she did just that.

The weird thing is I remember it like it was yesterday. Right at the very end of the event, a woman came to the door and said that she was there to meet Lissa Duty. Someone came and got me and I walked into the hall. Susan knew that if she wanted to continue to grow her business she needed to have more real relationships and that one small action was her first step.

So you might be wondering what is Lissa’s point to sharing this story and Susan who?

Susan Hamilton is the woman who knew she needed to do more and that she must start somewhere. The more she got out, the more she saw a need … a real need for business owners that more introverted to have a place where they can put themselves out there and feel comfortable about it.

Over the last 4 years, Susan has made it her mission to help others connect easier. She started by attending more events herself, then moved into hosting monthly groups and offering training for business owners, and then eventually to hosting her own radio show, The OffBeat Business Show.

(Update: 10/19/2015 OffBeat Business Bash has been rescheduled to a future date.).

Coming up at the end of this month, Susan is host to her first big event, the OffBeat Business Bash and this woman doesn’t do anything small. She created this event to focus around what she needed herself back in 2009 and what she sees so many others need. It will be an environment that creates a spirit of friendliness and fun, mixed with business and lots of opportunity. (Seriously, I didn’t write the post to tell you about the event, but since I am here…)

The OffBeat Business Bash – October 29th Features

  • A location that says casual & comfort in the name – Eddie Deen’s Ranch
  • Speakers that have had great success, are motivational and quite knowledgeable in business.
  • Opportunity for education – a social media break-out session (yes…led by me. I am partial) and 15 Minute Online Visibility Appointments (again I’m partial…. digital marketing experts from Advice Interactive Group will be there).
  • And don’t think of the vendor tables as people that want to sell to you, but rather they are businesses that are there to serve you. This can be through making a sale, but more importantly through getting to know you and your business needs.

Did I mention dancing, a live band and barbeque? This event is business, networking, dinner and a date all rolled into one. (I think all the spouses who have been accused of being workaholics should bring their spouse with them. This event provides the opportunity for your better half to see you in action, and have fun while doing it.)

Susan’s goal with this event is to provide an environment where you can put yourself out there and create real relationships … lasting business relationships…friendships.

When Susan speaks with a group, or on her radio show, you will hear her say “Friends…” She uses the word friends because she wants to connect with the audience on a personal level. This is her first step in creating a real relationship – a friendship.

Are you ready to start creating business relationships that are beyond being just acquaintances and provide the opportunity for others to feel connected too? Start with something, one action, this is my challenge to you.

Perhaps it’s registering for the OffBeat Business Bash (the cost is only $49 thru Friday) or just picking up the phone and calling someone. Just do something to get started.

The Point of the Story …

Susan, the copywriter, transitioned from being the satisfied business owner into the ambitious, dedicated and determined woman that is passionate about her life and business. And it all started with putting herself out there for one quick moment that turned into much more.

So I ask you … Are you ready to put yourself out there?

Lissa Duty

Lissa Duty is Social Media Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer. 20 years of marketing, administrative and management experience working to grow your business.

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