Renee Groskreutz: Intro to Blogging – Why It Matters

Next up is Renee Groskreutz, Creative Barista for Ralph’s Design & Deli, as well as Co-Owner of FunCitySocialMedia. Renee is author of 15 Twitter Tips for Authors & Other Grownups and The 90-Day Social Media Plan for Business. She loves blogging and is clearly excited about what blogging can do for business. She will share info with anyone who asks. Email her for her powerpoint presentation: Renee at RalphsDesign dot com.

Why should you care about blogs?

ONE FACTOID: 77% of Internet users read blogs!

The most important thing with blogging is to PLAN. Think about your content before you thinking about the fun stuff or design. Have a plan for your content.

Categories allow you to sort posts into topics. This makes it easy for people to search your blog. TIP: Limit number of categories to between 4 and 10 on an average blog. Tags vs Categories – the exercise is to help thinking of your blogs in segments. You get better SEO when you have organized categories. Category Description will help you focus.

Renee Groskreutz Intro to Blogging

Renee Groskreutz keeps the blog-loving crowd taking notes. Photo courtesy of Tonie Boaman.

Title Tips:

1) Make your titles catchy yet informative
2) Keyword research
3) Study magazine headlines
4) Think in Series

Use the Google Keyword Tool!

Question from the audience: “What platform do you recommend?”  From Renee: “WordPress, hands down. We use Thesis 2.0 and Genesis.”

Renee Recommends for each Blog Post:

– 400-600 words
– bullet points
– short paragraphs
– use white space instead a “wall” of text
– series

EXCITING TIP from Renee! Extend the life of your blog by going back every three weeks to refresh it: replace the photo, add more photos, add more text, add or replace the video, include a slideshare slide. It cuts down on work and Google keeps seeing your blog as fresh and new.

Don’t forget to rename your images to your blog post title!
Always good to use unique images that you take or create yourself, but always make sure you’ve purchased rights.
Don’t assume your clients have given you cleared photos, and have a waiver in your paperwork that clears you of responsibility.


-Have a strategy
-All things point back to a specific post
-Don’t post to all platforms at once
-Use forums & other blogs


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Email Renee at RalphsDesign dot com to request the Powerpoint presentation from today’s workshop!

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