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Lissa Duty Rocks Digital 2015Ignoring social media and review sites is brand suicide – we’ve seen it over and over (a quick search for “Play Dough Extruder Scandal” will give you a prime example of what happens when you don’t  handle things). Lissa Duty gave us some real talk about Real-Time Brand Management at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference.

Brand Management in Response to Conflict or Crisis on Social Media

A GREAT response to potential controversy is embodied in Groupon’s “banana bunker” example – they were prepared for the feedback they were going to get and had someone ready and posting clever responses (seriously…. read the comments – Pure Gold!).

So, how should you and your brand deal with potential conflict or an “already-in-progress” crisis?

  • Create a response
  • Draft potential scenarios
  • Get ahead of the negative complaints
  • Create a digital marketing campaign to dominate keyword searches

Brand Management Before a Crisis Arises

Better yet, before an incident arises – Have a DEFINED SOCIAL PROCESS

  • Research your brand and document all the online accounts related to it
  • Work to gain access/claim all of your accounts
  • Optimize accounts for brand consistency
  • Clearly define who can register new accounts

Managing the Process

  • Create a schedule for monitoring and responding to brand accounts
  • Social media account access needs to be centralized
  • Define who is responsible for monitoring and how often
  • Define company expectations regarding employee participation on social media

Have an Aligned Marketing/Social Strategy

  • Define project goals and disseminated to all involved teams
  • Marketing team works in conjunction with social team
  • POC responsible for ensuring marketing objectives are aligned across platforms

Have Consistent Messaging

  • Support responses should match across platforms
  • Website FAQs and online answers consistent
  • Social and customer service teams need to know what is on the website
  • Inconsistent answers are a negative customer experience

Keep an Eye on Content Sources

  • Have pre-approved content to share on social media
  • Designate 3rd party websites that are approved for posting on social media
  • Use keyword searches

Have a Response Strategy for Both Positive and Negative Responses

  • Don’t ignore negative feedback
  • Have an escalation procedure with a POC name and contact information
  • Make sure account alerts are being emailed to a social media account that is being monitored

Bottom line: Have a plan for managing your brand, make sure everyone in your organization is aware of the plan and stick to the plan!

Do you have stories of how a brand has handled a crisis well or badly?  Share it with us below.

To learn more about Lissa Duty, who is also a co-founder of the event, you can read her full bio on Rocks Digital.

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