We’re Heating Things Up Texas Style

It’s hard to compete with BBQ and sweet tea on a hot summer’s day in Texas, but somehow, we manage to pull it off each year at Rocks Digital!

With the conference starting in less than 11 days, attendees are planning what sessions they want to attend and researching all 32 experts and 27 presentations.

Here Our the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2017 Speakers

Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2017 Speakers

Karen Liz Albert | Lance Bachmann | Dave Carberry | John Carroll | Bernadette Coleman | Lissa Duty | Damon Gochneaur | Danielle Hanson | Bill Hartzer | Moosa Hemani | Byron Ingraham | Beth Kahlich | Katy Katz | Dean Lindsay | Chris Marentis | Casey Markee | Brad McCormick | Hillit Meidar-Alfi | Robin Moss | John Nosal | Jayne Rios | J Schuh | Erik Solan | Greg Sterling | Mike Stewart | Michelle Stinson Ross | Lex ten Veen | Dan Thies | Dan Tyre | DeAndre Upshaw | Jeff Whitfield | Joe Youngblood

You can visit the conference agenda to read about each one of them.

We Have a ROCKING Time Planned

Each year, we promise a rocking time with the best and brightest speakers who share their knowledge on local search, social media, mobile and overall digital marketing strategies.

Over the last three weeks I have been highlighting each session, track, and workshop. Keep reading for a glimpse into each of these rocking posts.

1. The Who’s Who in Local Search is Converging on Texas this Summer

While every presentation is a must-attend, these four Keynotes presented by leaders at HubSpot, Local Search Association, Navads, and Yelp are sure to bring top-notch info and strategies to you. And don’t forget the Local Search Day Expert Panel, which will spice up the afternoon with panelists from companies such as Moroch, Spatially, Surefire Local, and Thinknear.

2. These Rocks Talks Will Rock Your Local, Mobile and Social Digital Strategies

TEDx style presentations aren’t new to Rocks Digital. A favorite each year, these four Rocks Talks are exactly what you need to get educated, motivated, and empowered to maximize your digital marketing.

3. Local Search and SEO Experts Travel from Far and Wide to Share their Knowledge

Dive in and read about the three break-outs on the Local Search and SEO Track. Each session offers knowledge to place higher in local search and expand local presence. You’ll enjoy practical tips and insider secrets too, that you can put to use ASAP!

4. Consumer-First Mobile and Web Marketing Strategies Come to Rocks Digital

Mobile is not going away! Businesses and brands that are responsive instead of reactive will win out. These break-outs on the Mobile and Web Track are the perfect place for you.

5. Social Media Connects Consumers to Brands and So Does the Social Track

Social Media is all-powerful in the 21st century! With consumers spending more than half their time, around 51%, in social media, messaging, and media & entertainment apps combined, building an engaged and loyal community is more important than ever before. The Social Track is for you.

6. Turn Advertising Dollars into Conversions with Paid Media

You need more than a digital marketing strategy to win the sale! It’s competitive, and those that pay to play are winning big. These Paid Media Workshops will help you get the most bang for your buck on Google, Bing, and Facebook.

7. The Mysteries of SEO Explored and Explained

SEO is so much more than keywords on a page. You need a digital marketing strategy that is synergistic. The whole pie is made of all the pieces together – and the skills you will learn in these SEO Workshops make up a big portion of that pie.

8. Digital Marketing is Evolving – Are You?

From a workshop on storytelling to a how-to on giving Google what they want, plus the Rocks Digital Marketing Clinic, the Digital Track rounds outs the workshop announcements and the day.

We Are Celebrating Local Search Day and Social Media Day

We’ll be celebrating Local Search Day for the second time at Rocks Digital and we are doing the day up right! Over half of the presentations are focused on local search and SEO.

This is our 6th year of celebrating Social Media Day on June 30. This date is actually a big factor for each year’s conference. From the very first keynote by presenter Andrea Vahl in year one, all the way up to four keynotes this year, we have come a long way, and Social Media Day is a big part of the celebration.

We have a rocking time planned and we want to see you there! If you haven’t registered yet, the time to act is now.

Let’s Do Some Conference Math!

  • A two-day ticket is $450
  • $450 divided by 32 experts = $14.07
  • You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look from each expert for $14.07 each!
  • You would pay a minimum of $125+ for an hour’s worth of time from these experts.
  • $125 times 32 experts – $4,000

At Rocks Digital, you’ll hear insights from each pro’s specific expertise, have the chance to ask them questions – and during breaks, lunch, and networking, talk with them one-on-one.

$450 is quite a deal for all this in my opinion! What you do you think?

Purchase a one-day or two-day ticket and get registered today. Use promo code LOCALROCKS and save $75 off.

Are you ready to ROCK Digital Marketing?

Rocks Digital

We ROCK Local, Social and Mobile and want to make sure you have a place to learn all about it. From our digital marketing resources to our annual digital marketing conference we are here for you!

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