What is ROCKS Digital?

Rocks Digital is Your Digital Marketing Resource

Rocks Digital is the brainchild of Bernadette Coleman and Lissa Duty, created from the merging of two national events – the Local Social founded in 2013, organized by Bernadette and the DFW Rocks Social Media Conference founded in 2012, organized by Lissa.

Our mission is to provide business owners, marketing, SEO, search and content professionals with the resources, information, and insights to stay on the forefront on digital marketing.

In addition to the merging of the two national events, Rocks Digital, which will be hosted on June 29 and June 30 in Addison, TX, this website will provide readers with relevant content on a year-round basis.

We are going to ROCK Local, Social and Mobile in an even bigger way than in years past.

The Rocks Digital Team

Bernadette Coleman, #QueenofLocalSEO< Dallas Social Media Conference Speaker Bernadette Coleman, Corporate Development, Co-Founder
Bernadette is a super busy, highly successful CEO to a 3x Inc 500 Award-Winning Corporation, speaker, and author of multiple white papers and eBooks; most recently, An Introduction to Social Media Marketing: A Guide for Small Businesses, The Complete How-To Guide for Local Citation Audit & Clean Up, and The eBook for eBooks and countless blog posts. In her spare time, she enjoys a nice glass of wine and spending time with her family.
Lissa Duty, Author, Speaker, Organizer to DFW Rocks Social Media and Rocks Digital Lissa Duty, Publisher, Co-Founder 
Lissa is the publisher of Rocks Digital. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the publishing site, the marketing & branding, and organizing the annual Rocks Digital Marketing Conference. Known online as “Your Online Social Coach,” Lissa is a highly sought after social media coach, public speaker, and author of two books: Your LinkedIn Professional Network and 25 Tips to Twitter Success. In her spare time she is either being supermom to her 8-year old daughter, or playing on her favorite social media platform.
Shelley Fleming, Rocks Digital Editor Shelley Fleming, Blog Editor
Shelley’s role at Rocks Digital is quite an important one. As the editor, she puts her wordsmithing talents to use each day. She loves to research, edit and write, and her famous last words will most likely be “if only I had finished writing my own book instead of editing everyone else’s.” Shelley is always on the lookout to help the team produce great content. As a long-time Apple Fangirl she loves her iMac, but still prefers pencil and paper when editing. You may call her “old school” indeed. We call her dedicated and some days a perfectionist. She lives near the beach and takes time out to enjoy the beauty along with her dog, Cooper.
John Nosal, Speaker for DFW Rocks Social Media Conference in Dallas, Texas John Nosal, Webmaster
John is a true geek, all the way from using his first Mac in the ’80s to waiting in line for the first iPhone! He loves a challenge, and we give him plenty at Rocks Digital. John is the founder of NosalCentral, LLC, a digital marketing consultancy specializing in web development, search engine optimization, and digital marketing-focused strategies. Known as the CEO of SEO, he is a public speaker, author of Your LinkedIn Professional Network, plus serves as co-organizer for the Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO/SEM Meetup. Besides being the webmaster for Rocks Digital, John is a crucial member of the conference planning team, and the MacGyver who saves the day repeatedly.
Diana Wells, Rocks Digital Planning Team Diana Wells, Conference Planning Team
Diana is an editor, writer, blogger and event planner, and sometimes she wears all four of these hats as a member of our team. Diana also puts her 18+ years of event planning experience to use at our annual digital marketing conference. From planning to promotion, you can bet Diana is involved. Lover and rescuer of all animals, you can follow her on Facebook for the latest cute animal photo – and her blog for the latest Dianaism.

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