We’re ROCKING Digital in Texas this Summer: Here’s Why You Need to ROCK with Us!

Come to Rocks Digital to boost your knowledge level and networking efforts for the rest of the year! Join us in June 2017 for the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference and experience it in person. And if you are part of a company you can bring the whole team, as many do.

Yes, Rocks Digital is the conference you can’t afford to miss and there are many reasons why, but here are the top 5!

Top Reasons You Need to ROCK Digital this Summer

#1 Everyone Needs to ROCK


Who doesn’t love a good time that’s also jam-packed with education, inspiration, and a little intrigue? Rocks Digital brings all of this to you with keynote presentations from the top influencers in the industry. They will analyze the past, share about the present… and predict what’s coming in the future.

#2 You Can’t ROCK What You Don’t Know


The simple fact is you have to get out of the house, away from the desk, and get involved in the world of digital marketing to be successful at it. Whether you are a business owner, brand manager, marketing manager or CEO, how can you really implement, instruct, or approve digital strategies if you don’t understand what is happening, why it is happening, and the best methods to win.

#3 Texas ROCKS


(Image captured in a break-out session at a prior event! Are you in the crowd?)

The weather may be a bit warm and the sidewalks might be steamy in late June, but the temperature is nice and cool inside the conference center. The only steam rising there is coming off your fingertips from taking notes and tweeting, plus those wheel-spinning moments happening in your mind!

#4 The Party? That Rocks Too!


(Yes, these are highlights from last year’s concert! You ready?)

You can’t have a ROCKing conference without some fun. From our networking breaks to the Social Media Day Tweetup after-event, we do bring the fun. Last year attendees enjoyed a private concert from none other than Sir Earl Toon of Kool & the Gang. So, what fun will we bring this year? Well, that’s a secret for now… but it will be FUN because we know how to ROCK good times for sure.

#5 We ROCK Digital the Best


(Checkout who appeared at Rocks Digital in 2016!)

The conference was originally founded in 2012, so we have experience in ROCKING digital marketing. With our co-founders – Lissa Duty, known as the Online Social Coach and Bernadette Coleman, the Queen of Local SEO – we have the best and the brightest leading the charge for our annual conference. With all of their connections, both professional and personal, they know the “Who’s Who” of digital marketing and bring them, their knowledge, and their expertise to the conference each year.

Now that you know why you must attend Rocks Digital 2017, don’t keep it to yourself! Bring the whole team and receive a corporate discount for companies that register with more than 5 employees. Don’t miss this opportunity for yourself, or for an entire company – Register now!

Are you seeking even more perks and promotion? Attending Rocks Digital as a sponsor could meet your needs, offering visibility that extends beyond the conference for the rest of the year. Sponsorship opportunities from Logo to Platinum are ready for your inspection. There is limited availability for some levels of sponsorship, so get the information now and be a Rocks Digital Sponsor for 2017!

How many Rocks Digital Marketing Conferences have you attended, or will this be your first time? Share with us in the comments below and let’s connect!

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