The Rocks Talks Will ROCK Your Local, Mobile and Social Digital Strategies

Rocks Talks 2017 SpeakersEach year, conference organizers Lissa Duty and Bernadette Coleman work diligently to bring together the best and brightest to the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference in Dallas, Texas. And this year is no different: Back by popular demand, the Rocks Talks will once again ROCK on the morning of June 29.

So just what is Rocks Talks? Similar in style to the TEDx Talks format, each expert presenter will share the nuts and bolts of their focus in 15 minutes. Covering valuable information on new and emerging trends in digital marketing, these bite-size talks set the foundation for the theme of the conference.

We Have the ROCKINGEST Rocks Talks Anywhere

The Rocks Talks, exclusive to Rocks Digital, will focus in on Geo-Targeting, the “Near Me” phenomenon, and creating a branding message to reach a varied audience across multiple platforms. Keep reading to take a look at the amazing Rocks Talks expert lineup!

Brands Are Tracking You – How You Can Leverage Geo-Targeting for Your Digital Marketing Clients Too

Does the thought that brands are tracking your every click online freak you out a bit? Dave Carberry of Enradius will show how brands are following you around the internet to see what you like, where you shop, and how long it takes you to make a purchase. From in-store to desktop to your mobile phone, geo-targeting is the future of search. It’s no longer just who or what a brand is, but how a brand targets their customers – and serves the information a consumer needs in the right moment to win the sale. Learn how to find your audience and learn their habits, so you can close the sale at the right moment. Meet Dave.

It’s Not a Revolution But an Evolution – and Mobile Was the Trigger

We can tell you all day long that this is the mobile revolution, but that phrase simply doesn’t cover it all. The fact is digital marketing has revolutionized how we do business, and it continues to evolve because technology and consumer use continues to evolve. In this local, mobile world, consumers want something now and close by. This is exactly where “Near Me” has taken over desktop and mobile search results. Proximity searches are the default for search engines. Damon Gochneaur will share the strategies that digital marketers and local businesses must know and employ to compete in today’s “Near Me” evolution. Meet Damon.

Progress and Change – Which One Do You Want?

Are you making changes, but keep getting the same results? Dean Lindsay will reveal the 6 P’s of Progress, and how applying this approach to your digital marketing will help you to achieve all your big PHAT goals. Get your focus on the decisions and actions that will help you make real progress instead of just lateral movement. Meet Dean.

It’s Time to Bloom – Success Starts with YOU!

Whether you work for yourself, a digital marketing agency for the largest brand in the United States, behind an idea, behind a team or behind a message, people are always there – multiple persons. If that person happens to be you, you must know how to reach an audience, craft a message and capture the attention of consumers. But you can’t do any of this without first believing in yourself. Jayne Rios will share how she built and the many other businesses she has grown ­– and it all started with believing and then doing. Meet Jayne.

Are You Ready for the Rocks Talks?

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