Ruth Burr Reedy to Speak on SEO and the Customer Journey at Rocks Digital 2016

Ruth Burr Reedy Rocks Digital 2016Ruth Burr Reedy is the Director of Strategy at UpBuild, an SEO agency specializing in technical SEO, advanced web analytics and conversion rate optimization. Ruth lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She can be found tweeting at @ruthburr.

Ruth has been working in SEO since 2006; and has spent her career working both, in-house at marketing agencies, and as a freelance consultant. She specializes in holistic, multi-channel digital marketing strategies; technical SEO; SEO team building and training; and whole-funnel inbound marketing. At UpBuild, Ruth manages a team of technical SEOs and provides direction for UpBuild’s strategic growth. Prior to her move to Oklahoma, Ruth was Head of SEO at Moz, home to the web’s most vibrant SEO community.

UpBuild is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in the end-to-end optimization of the online user journey. UpBuild begins with the optimization of organic inbound traffic (SEO), monitors and analyzes site performance through a backbone of advanced web analytics and produces an exponential return through conversion rate optimization. The result is a website that not only attracts visitors, but also engages them, encourages them to convert and turns them into lifetime customers.

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SEO for the Customer Journey

SEO is often thought of as a purely inbound tactic: get people to your website via organic search, then let the website persuade them to convert and let nurture tactics such as email keep them coming back. Modern searchers, however, are using organic search at all steps of their decision-making process. A campaign that’s only focused on getting visitors to the site is leaving a huge chunk of opportunity on the table.

By taking the time to define the steps your customers take in their decision-making process, you can create targeted SEO content to address their needs and concerns every step of the way, building trust and authority in the process. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to research keywords for each stage of the funnel, including customer retention and repeat purchase
  • How to create a content engine focused on your users
  • How to track and report on customer activity through every step of the funnel
  • How to design a conversion rate optimization campaign with lifetime customer value in mind

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