The Secret to Smart Blog Commenting

the word share on a bulletin boardBlog commenting can generate great things for you—quality backlinks and increased credibility just for starters. Plus, it can be downright fun. Who doesn’t love to put forth their ideas to the world?

Even though blogs are commonly highly opinionated, that does not mean the world of blogging is completely devoid of some etiquette. There are some basic guidelines that you should follow in order to get the most out of your comments—and to avoid negative ramifications.

Smart Blog Commenting

Read First
Just like waiting until someone finishes a whole sentence or thought before responding, read an entire blog before you comment on it. If you jump the gun, your comments may not even be applicable or accurate because something later in the blog may completely negate your ideas. Instead of building positive credibility, you build a reputation for being off base.

Start Something
Blog commenting can certainly position you as an authority, but that does not mean your comment should be the beginning and the end of a string. Seek comments that stimulate broader conversation with more people. This increases your visibility and may well lead to those coveted “good” backlinks.

One almost sure way to stimulate responses is to argue a point made in a blog. Be sure that you are respectful in how you do this and that you can support the view you put forward.

Avoid the simple “Thank you” or—even worse—“Good blog” comments. No comments are better than these.

Be Relevant
By this we mean not only to the blog topic but also to the audience. A single topic can be discussed in multiple ways and you should be clear about who the audience of a particular blog is. Write to them, and not just to the blog author.

Get Started Now
Blog commenting can be a great way to build a brand and reputation online. This works for individuals and businesses alike. Make sure that the blogs you comment on are of high quality and well respected within your industry or circles. You want to make sure all your efforts put you in the best light.

Let’s test if you are ready! Comment below.

Natalie Gould

Natalie Gould is VP of Content Mgmt at Advice Interactive and active blogger. Always curious, live for food and laughter.

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