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Assessing Your Google Business Profile for Local Visibility – Self Assessment Part 2

Google Business Profile optimization self assessment.

Along with a website, business listings are an important piece of the online presence puzzle. Every business needs to consider Google Business Profile optimization if they want to consistently reach local consumers. To get a clear picture of the visibility of your current Google Business Profile (GBP), take the Rocks Digital online presence self assessment.

Assessing Your Google Business Profile’s Local Visibility

Thanks for joining us today for Part 2 in our online presence self assessment. If you have not completed Part 1, Assessing Your Website for Viability, we highly recommend that you check it out.

Answer These 7 Questions to Assess a Google Business Profile

1. Is there a complete business description?

The business description is one of the first things a user will see, and could determine whether or not they click for more information. Aim to add the most relevant and enticing information in the opening sentences, and include the appropriate keywords – those most associated with the business’ products or services.

Google Business Profile Business Description Example


While the keywords don’t help the GBP to surface more often in maps or in the local finder, these keywords are phrases that will help the consumer determine if you offer the service they’re looking for.

2. Is the business name, address and phone correct?

Of course, NAP (name, address and phone number) information is important for consumers trying to reach a business. Google understands the need for accuracy and will definitely penalize businesses providing inconsistent information. Any discrepancies in NAP data (such as multi-location brands using conflicting details) can limit your online visibility.

It’s also important to make sure the NAP information on the Google Business Profile matches the information on the business’ website and other online directory listings such as Yelp and Bing.

3. Are relevant business categories included?

Business categories help consumers find relevant businesses for their search terms. Ultimately, Google wants to deliver the most accurate search results, and this frequently comes down to location and category. Make sure you include categories that accurately define what your business does – this increases the chances of getting listed in the local pack, AKA local finder and/or Google Maps.

Here’s a tip to consider when selecting categories – audit the primary category for the business’ competitors. Sometimes you’ll need to adjust the primary category to be more specific, and set the additional categories to be more broad. Understand that categories do impact what features and/or attributes are available within a Google Business Profile, so you’ll want to consider this as well.

4. Are photos and videos uploaded to the listing?

One of the benefits of a Google Business Profile is the opportunity to promote a business using high-quality photos and videos. Google reports that “businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions to their location from users on Google, and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that don’t have photos.” This article on Search Engine Land discusses the relationship between photo quantity and search.

In short, businesses that don’t have photos added to their GBP are missing out on views in maps and search. And yes, we realize that for some businesses, adding photos and views can be a real challenge.

At Rocks Digital, we tackle this by building out custom graphics that share tips, tricks and more for our clients. We have found that these images attract quite a few views. These images can be used on the website, shared with the client to publish on social media profiles – and if you want to get really creative you could even turn them into a video, then use as part of an Instagram story, reel or TikTok.

photo views example

Shown above is the photo view data for a quarter. Here’s some background – this business became a client in mid-October 2021. We immediately optimized their Google Business Profile, which included adding custom graphics. Notice how the photo views began to increase once we started adding photos to the listing on a regular basis.

5. Are products and services (including descriptions) added to the listing?

Users conducting a general search for a business may have trouble differentiating between the results. However, listing products and services (including descriptions) allows a business to deliver more specific information to consumers and will help reach targeted buyers.

Plus, adding products and services does help Google better understand what the business offers. Access our data on the value of an optimized Google Business Profile.

6. Are both the website link and appointment links added?

While there are many benefits to a Google Business Profile, the main goal is to get people to take action. Website and appointment links are visible calls to action that will deliver traffic and leads. When these links are missing you’re only making it harder for potential customers to reach you.

Make sure to include UTMS on all the links within the Google Business Profile so you can specifically track how much traffic the website is getting from the GBP. You can build those with Google’s free campaign URL builder.

7. Are you publishing Google Business Profile posts?

Keeping it fresh is an important part of maintaining a Google Business Profile. GBP posts let businesses add announcements, offers and events. Not only can you promote your products and services, you are also demonstrating to prospective customers that your business is active and engaged.

At Rocks Digital, we use posts on the Google Business Profile to drive traffic to the business website, share news, video testimonials and more. Again, we add a UTM on each one of these links to track the results we’re getting from our efforts.

These posts will help the listing get greater visibility in search and maps for specific keywords – something you’ll definitely want to consider.

But there’s still more to our online presence self assessment. You can download the complete self assessment worksheet now to access the other components if you’d like.

Is Your Google Business Profile Delivering Results?

Creating a well-optimized Google Business Profile is key to building a solid foundation that ensures local visibility in search and maps. If you’re not sure your Google Business Profile is delivering the results you need, request an evaluation today or call (214) 989-7549.

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