Time to Get Busy: Setting Up A Virtual Office for Success

Setting up a virtual officeMore and more people are working virtually, at least part of the time, whether it’s the occasional day due to weather (ice storm, anyone?), bringing work home or a workplace that embraces working virtually. So, what are some of the key things to know when setting up a virtual office?

How To Get Started Setting Up A Virtual Office

  • First, set aside an actual home office space.  (Even small spaces can usually accommodate a work surface and some shelving for office essentials.)
  • Keep it simple and well organized. (If space is at a premium, consider “going vertical” with shelves.)
  • Invest in a filing cabinet for organization and space saving

Organize Your Computer
As important as an organized office is, an organized computer can increase your productivity, as well.

  • Only keep the icons you use regularly on your desktop
  • Do regular maintenance on your computer – defragment, virus scans, etc.
  • Upgrade when you need to –you don’t want a crash/data loss when you’re trying to meet a deadline

Don’t skimp on Proper Seating – Be Ergonomic

There are places where you can be budget-conscious setting up a virtual office, but your office chair shouldn’t be one of them.

  • Make sure your chair has proper lumbar support
  • Look for an ergonomically designed chair to help prevent back strain
  • If you are re-purposing a chair, consider adding a support cushion

Light Up The Room and Increase Your Productivity

Studies have shown that natural light can have a positive affect on your productivity as well as your overall well-being.

  • If it’s practical, choose a space near a window or other natural light
  • Experiment with overhead lighting and perhaps a desk lamp (or lamps) for optimal lighting
  • Adjust your monitor for best contrast and brightness. Find out how here.

Now that you have a virtual office set up, you can get some work done!  Just be sure to remember that you need recreation time, as well. So, leave your comfy home or virtual office from time-to-time even if it is for a short digital break. Your work will be the better for it and will be there waiting for you when you return a bit more refreshed!

Do you have a virtual office? How did you set it up for success?


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