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Tanya Smith, Rocks Digital Marketing Conference Dallas 2016Mobile Phones, Digital Search and Social Selling – OH MY! Tanya Smith shared some secrets of micro-content (aka “snack-size” content) with us.

The attention span of humans has been reduced to less than 8 seconds – so you need to be agile/speedy to capture attention and engage your audience because you can get so much information so quickly these days that if you lose someone’s attention, they’ll move on.

Leverage various types of Microcontent

  • Multi-media is the key – create a diverse library of  content
  • Video – Under 10 minutes – Powtoons – Animoto
  • Audio – Clammr
  • Images – Instagram, Pinterest – turn quotes into images – stencil,
  • Headline Text – Think Twitter length snippets
  • Charts/Lists – ( has a WP plugin),

Give your existing content new life

Make an evergreen content spreadsheet so that when you don’t have time to create something new, you can repurpose that great content you’ve already created.

Take content you’ve already created and use the above leveraging ideas to “snack-size” bits of your best content. Use the snack size bits to get people interested in your longer pieces (like that 3 hour webinar or that longer white paper).

Find simple ways to stay current

  • Clammer

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