I Admit It… I am a Social Media Tool Junkie

What is Your Favorite Social Media ToolI love social media tools and apps and free tools are my absolute favorite.  There are so many to choose from, so I narrowed my list down to the social media tools I use the most. Test them out and let me know which ones you like the best and why.

Social Media Tools for Measurement

Followerwonk is a tool, which allows you to search Twitter bios, compare and analyze users and track and sort followers.  It even gives you interactive charts and precise stats about who has followed you or a competitor.

Collecto is a tool I use for Instagram which allows you to sync your data and get interesting stats about your Instagram account including an overview of your most “liked,” most commented on and most popular photos of all time.

CircleCount is a tool for Google+ created to measure the influence of a person including the average number of +1s, comments or re-shares a person gets for each post. Similar to Klout, it is a great tool in choosing what circles to be a part of and to see other people inside circles of people you consider to be an influencer and measure who to add to your circles.

Social Media Sharing Tool

In my opinion, Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, save time and increase fan engagement on social media and you get all the major engagement stats per post on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Bonus Tool for Speakers

Mobivity is a tool that utilizes text messages and as a speaker and author one of the ways I am using it is to encourage the attendees to text into a number where I will then send them a hand-out and a copy of my presentation thus freeing them up to listen without having to take notes. It also allows them to choose to opt-in to my e-zine and has shown to increase my list and conversion rate as well.

While I utilize most of the social media platforms, over 74% of my closed business originates on Twitter so I spend a good part of my social media time there.

Do you know where your potential clients are hanging out? If not, that is a good place to start and using some of these tools will help and save you time as well.

Let me know in the comments below your favorite social media tools and why.


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