Social Media Connects Consumers to Brands and So Does the Social Media Sessions at Rocks Digital

social content track 2017Social media connects people around the world, through a post, a video, the sharing of photos and even a comment. Social media connects families and friends and connects businesses and brands to the consumers that want and need their products and services.

Social media is integrated into our lives to the point that checking Facebook and Twitter is more of a constant for some than eating or sleeping. (Really? OK, maybe it’s just me!)

Social Media Rocks – and so Does the Rocks Digital Social Media Track

We could not have a Rocks Digital Marketing Conference or Social Media Day celebration without having a Social Media track. This year’s breakouts will take you down a path that includes visual storytelling, using social media to reach local consumers, and how to use metrics to measure what social media marketing efforts are actually working. Intrigued? Keep reading.

The Power of Social and Local Connection to the Bottom Line

Social media is overcrowded, so one of the best ways for a business to reach their customer is by targeting the local market. Instead of shooting blanks and hitting everyone on Facebook, go local and build up a fan base that converts consumers to brand ambassadors, advocates, and sales. Karen Liz Albert is guaranteed to teach you how to better connect locally. Meet Karen.

Stop Slaying Dragons – Slay Your Social Media Goals!

Arya Stark is a dragon slayer, and Katy Katz is a metrics slayer! Here’s the question: How can you know where to focus your social media marketing efforts if you’re not sure what you’re doing is even working? Don’t worry, metrics is the answer! In this fun break-out, Katy will teach you how to determine what metrics are important, how to track them, how to set goals, how to measure them, and ultimately, how to exceed them. Meet Katy.

In this Social Media World, Video is Worth a Million Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million! In a 10-second video you can see multiple images, words, music, and other memorable features. All of these combined are telling a powerful story for businesses and brands each day. In his session, award-winning video expert DeAndre Upshaw will share the do’s and don’ts of how to create videos that build relationships between brands and their audience. Meet DeAndre.

Start Connecting Your Social Media Marketing Efforts to the Right Consumer

Looking for that one single reason to attend Rocks Digital? How about 32 of ’em? That’s how many speakers we have at the conference for 2017. Need 27 more reasons? We got you – and that’s how many info-packed presentations you can select from.

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