Spring Cleaning Your Online Presence

Spring Clean Online PresenceOut with the old, in with the new: the tried and true adage for cleaning house but it can also apply to your online presence. This includes your personal or business profile from social media to digital advertisements and everything in between.

How to Apply Spring Cleaning Principles to Your Online Presence

Update Social Profiles to Boost Online Presence

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile pictures? A good rule of thumb is to update your profile picture seasonally, so now – as we shed turtlenecks and knee-high boots for short sleeves and skirts – is the perfect time to swap images. Make your updated image session an opportunity to bring in an image specialist for you and your team. Image specialists can be instrumental in helping you not only put your best face forward but to also learn about presentation skills – online and offline – and media training.

The Right Business Images Support Online Presence

Ask yourself if it’s time to update your slate of campaign and stock photos used for your site and social media. I recently wrote about the importance of adding diversity to your stock images and provided resources of where to get new images. If your images feature 90s-era haircuts – think about the “Rachel” style – along with poor resolution and dated layout, it may be time to invest in a quality photographer and a campaign that shows your company at its best. New business images are also helpful for promoting content. Once you have strategically planned your business images, you’re less likely to have to dig for the perfect image to accompany blog posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, among other channels.

Need to make the images available to your entire team? Check out Dropbox or Google Drive for helpful cloud storage solutions.

Online Presence and Digital Advertising Campaigns

Raise your hand if you can’t remember the last time you gave your digital campaign platform a thorough once-over, analyzing spend and return. If you tentatively lifted a finger, don’t worry – it’s not too late to get right. Let the flowers opening to the spring sunlight inspire you to do the same with your digital advertising. Shed light on what’s working and how you can improve your results through adding or eliminating keywords, specialization in channel, and making strategic changes to advertisements. You might surprise yourself with the results, and end up earning a better return on investment for yourself and/or your clients.

What other spring cleaning rituals would you suggest for digital presence?

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