Superfy Your Social Media Marketing

Learn How To Superfy Your Social Media Marketing StrategySporadic social media marketing attempts will deprive you of the opportunity to get the highest possible return for your efforts. Not to mention, drive you crazy.

You need to come up with a social media strategy before getting started using social media. (If you are already started without the strategy, that is ok. It’s not too late. Create one now.) A successful social media strategy is dependent on knowing your goals and having a good idea about your target audience. Creating a strategy before your start your campaign allows you to create synergy with your other marketing efforts. Let’s get you get started and help you make the most of your social media campaign.

4 Simple Steps To Creating A Basic Social Media Strategy

#1 Determine Your Social Media Goals in Advance

What are the social media marketing campaign’s goals? Are you trying to reach new prospects, establish overall brand popularity or maximize your sales?

The specific purpose of the social media strategy will determine the message you’re going to share with the audience and the social media marketing channels to choose.

#2 Work on Building Engagement

Social media marketing enables you to get feedback and valuable information from your prospects and customers. Work on maximizing engagement.

Asking questions, posting polls and enabling customers to rate your services or share some feedback will let you know how you’re doing so far and what you need to change in terms of marketing or customer service.

#3 Use the Right Social Tools

There are a number of online, software-based tools that can be used to track progress and increase the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

Here is a list of several tools you must try, but maybe not all at once:

  • Hootsuite: a free social media management platform that enables you to work on campaigns in different social media.
  • TweetReach: as the name suggests, this tool can be used to analyze the performance of your Twitter campaigns.
  • Traackr: you input criteria and the platform returns a list of social media influencers. You can use this information for analysis or networking.
  • Buffer: enables automatic updates posted on various profiles and it also provides analytics.
  • Swayy: just choose your topics of interest and use Feedly to discover relevant and interesting content to publish on your pages.

#4 Make Use of Analytics

Most social media sites gives you access to a lot of information about the audience, its behavior and your most successful posts and times. An effective social media strategy has to incorporate this kind of information.

Use the data to boost the relevance of your social media strategy. The best aspect of this marketing information is that adjustments can easily be made on the go. Find where your social media channel has this info and use it. It can mean the difference between feeling like a ghost town and a lively conversation.

Do you have a social media strategy or have you been putting of creating one? If you have one, how has it worked for you?

Don’t lose another minute and create one today! If you need a walk-through-step by step, visit this post and answer all the questions in the 3-part series. You’ll have a strategy.

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Anthony Ryan is the founder of anthonyryanmedia & be SUPER social! Professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He teaches WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and social media business etiquette to students each semester. Funny enough, he also teaches these to business owners.

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