Sweta Patel, Instagram Influencer, to Speak on B2B and B2C Instagram Strategies at Rocks Digital 2018

Sweta Patel, Instagram Influencer, to Speak on B2B and B2C Instagram Strategies at Rocks Digital 2018Sweta Patel has advised more than 200 high-growth startups in Silicon Valley. She’s the founder of Silicon Valley Startup Marketing, a best-selling author, and a Top 100 SEJ Women in Tech Influencer.

She is also the founder of Global Marketing Tactics, your #1 source for real-world marketing and training. Her passion is to teach startup founders and business owners how they can leverage different marketing techniques, strategies, and tactics to meet their marketing goals and initiatives.

Sweta has worked with many international companies and national brands. She is truly a strategist in the marketing industry with a focus on people-centricity.

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How B2B and B2C Use Instagram to Win New Customers

Instagram is taking the world by storm. It’s not just for millennials. It’s one of the most effective ways for businesses to drive leads and convert them into paying customers – ­if you do it the right way.

Sweta Patel will share with you her secret step-by-step process of how she grew her Instagram account from 13 followers to 80,000 in a single year. She didn’t buy followers, didn’t pay for likes, and she wasn’t even sponsored by Instagram.

Top takeaways from this presentation:

  • The 5 Instagram hacks that will instantly save you time and money
  • The real growth strategies to drive engagement on Instagram – fast
  • FIG: Foundational InstaGram – Set goals, track growth, win new customers!
  • Influencer Romance: How to win the hearts of influencers so they will promote you
  • How to hire experts that are world-class at building IG – without paying world-class prices

This is the single most transparent and actionable Instagram strategy presentation you may ever attend.

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