Are You A Rockstar? Take The Sales Success IQ Test and Find Out

Sales Success IQ TestMost of us view ourselves as serious business people, committed to success and focused on those things that will ultimately lead to greater sales and profitability. However, are we really following a path that will lead to future success, and do our actions truly reflect the focus and commitment required to get us there?

Are you a serious business owner or just playing office?

A Kauffman Foundation study of 549 successful businesses showed that 93% of the business owners surveyed believed “not putting in the time and effort required” to be the second most common barrier to entrepreneurial success next to failure to take risk. Are you devoting the time and effort required to build a profitable and sustainable business? What resources are in place today to enable you to increase sales and achieve success?

Sales Success IQ Test

Check off those items that are currently in place from the requirements list below, and then add up your total Sales Success IQ score.

  1. __25 points. Sales/Marketing Plan. A goal without a plan is just a dream. The same holds true for a business.
  2. __25 points. Company Website. Needed for branding, marketing, lead generation, etc.
  3. __25 points. Company Email. Gmail, Hotmail, etc. are OK for personal email, but not for a ‘real’ business. Spend the $35 to $50 to get a business email account.
  4. __25 points. Sales Pipeline. A required tool to determine sales activity and chart your progress. No sales pipeline = no business!
  5. __25 points. Sales Forecast. What projects will be closing in the next 30-60-90 days? No sales forecast = no business!
  6. __25 points. Brochure or Flyer. Tells the prospect a little bit about your business, your product or service, and your value proposition.
  7. __25 points. Business Cards. One of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal. However, it is not about exchanging business cards, it’s about building relationships!
  8. __25 points. Boilerplate Proposal. What are you selling? What business problem(s) are you solving? Why should I buy from you?
  9. __25 points. Order Form/Price List. Now, it’s time to close that sale!!!

If the total Sales Success IQ score is 125 or less, you may be guilty of playing office or lacking the appropriate resources to help increase sales volumes and achieve success. However, don’t give up the ship! Every business is a work in progress. As such, we all have a list of things to be done, done better or done differently in order to improve performance and ensure future success.

Now, if your Sales Success IQ score is 200 or above, congratulations you are a Rockstar!!! However, keep moving forward because the competition never rests.

This rather rudimentary IQ test is just a guideline or tool to help you identify some of the key areas where additional resources may be required to help improve sales performance. If you are a serious business owner, take action to address any gaps identified so you, too, can be a future Rock Star!

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