Take Your Blog from Blah to Bold at #RocksDigital

Take Your Blog From Blah to BoldThe lovely Elayna Fernandez kicked off my afternoon at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference with some rockin’ tips on how to take your blog from BLAH (Boring-Lacking Attention-Hopeless) to Bold!

Are You Getting Enough Out of Your Blog?

  • Traffic?
  • Comments?
  • Subscribers?
  • Conversions?
  • Click-Throughs?
  • Shares?
  • Brand Exposure?
  • Money?

3 Common Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Working (and How to Fix it!)

  • Fail to plan = Plan to Fail
  • No strategy. Any strategy is ok – there are no bad strategies. You can always rethink and regroup
  • Not aligning with your passions. Align with your passions – know when to say “yes” and when to say “no”

It isn’t always about money – follow your passions.  If brands approach you with ideas that don’t tie in with your passions, can you spin it in a way that DOES? Don’t be afraid to make a counter-proposal.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Blog

WHY are you blogging?

What do you want from your blogging?

WHAT do you blog about?

What to Blog about

  • Content Theme: 3 categories
  • Niche: Describe your ideal persona
  • Value: Address specific relevant focused questions and concerns


  • Be in-depth, conversational and make sure that it is well-written
  • Use an editorial calendar and track what you are blogging and when
  • Contact >Conversation>Connection>Community>Conversion

Final Tips

  • Be Authentic
  • Spice Up Your About Page
  • Clean Up Your Sidebar
  • Clean Permalinks
  • Add A Resources Page
  • Use a Responsive Theme
  • Add A Media Page

Honestly, this session could have been an entire afternoon. I learned a ton of new information and Elayna is an excellent, enthusiastic speaker!

What tips do you have on keeping your blog interesting?

To view Elayna’s slide share presentation from the conference, visit the link below.


To learn more about Elayna Fernandez you can read her full bio on Rocks Digital.

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