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SEO ToolsRachel Morgan, with Advice Interactive Group, helps you optimize the SEO on your site (or your clients’ sites) with a number of tools that can help you find out what is working and what’s not!

Tools to Use to Optimize SEO

Screamingfrog – When you download Screamingfrog and run a scan on your site’s URL it will allow you to identify broken and non-working links on your site. It will also show you where the link is on your site and where it is linking to (which should make it easier to fix any errors).

No Underscores – Google doesn’t know how to “read” underscores and your pages may end up being oddly categorized by their crawlers, so if you can use hypens, that’s better from a Google Crawl standpoint.

Shorten URLs – You may want to shorten up any long URLs, which can become an issue particularly in blog titles.

Avoid duplicate title tags – This can happen with blogs, especially.

Meta links – calls to action and phone numbers are good here. They don’t impact your ranking but they can impact your click-through rate

Omit meta keywords – Because of potential pitfalls, it’s probably best to omit meta keywords. They can be crawled by competitors and show what keywords you are targeting.

Pictures/Images – make sure to use alt-text and put keywords in your alt-text.

Pay close attention to image size – Be careful with images so that your site doesn’t start slowing down to load the large images. Conversely, you want to make sure the images are large enough to be viewed and maintain good quality.

Keyword Tools for SEO Optimization

If you need help with optimizing your SEO, you can use the following tools to find some keywords:

With a little time and attention and the right tools, you should be able to optimize your site’s SEO. You can also use these tools if you sell related services to businesses and you can use the scan to find areas where they can improve and work those items into your proposal!

Do you have any other SEO tools that you like to use? Comment below and tell us what you use!

To learn more about Rachel Morgan you can read her full bio on Rocks Digital.

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