Are We Entering the Golden Age of Podcasting?

PodcastingThere was a time when the whole family gathered together in the parlor to listen to the radio. Before television, people stayed home and listened to the Milton Berle Show, Red Ryder and the Mercury Theatre.

During the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s it was the Golden Age of Radio, when entertainment, news and music came in an audio format. However, with the arrival of Technicolor movies and televisions in every living room, people eventually only listened to the radio in their cars.

Once again, things are changing. With the introduction of the iPod and the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, people are tuning into audio again, only this time it is in the form of podcasts.

The Rise of On-Demand Media and Podcasting

Cable TV, Netflix and Hulu make it possible to watch your favorite shows at a time that suits your schedule instead of working your schedule around your favorite shows. People want the convenience of consuming media on-demand and Podcasts allow your audience to choose when it is convenient for them to consume your content.

In his presentation, “Why Brands Should Bet Big on Podcasting”, at the SEJ Summit in Dallas, Jerod Morris (VP of Marketing at Copyblogger Media) gave several reasons that big brands are using podcasts more and more as a way to reach their audience. In fact, Copyblogger Media is “betting big on podcasting” by joining other media companies in creating a podcast network.

Podcasting Has Something for Everyone

There are podcasts for every taste and interest. There are more than 250,000 different podcasts in more than 100 languages in the iTunes Store, with a variety of topics from business, health and fitness, news/politics, music, sports and so much more.

“According to the Washington Post, podcast subscriptions passed 1 billion mark last year and monthly podcast listeners number 75 million per month.” —

The popularity of podcasts such as NPR’s Serial and This American Life proved that podcasts can draw a big audience. Their unique style of storytelling is reminiscent of the old Orson Wells Mercury Theater radio show.

Internet marketers, such as Seth Godin, Pat Flynn and Tim Ferriss have also started business related podcasts to reach their audiences.

The Benefits of Podcasting

Are your thinking that podcasting might be right for your business? Before you invest in audio equipment and jump into podcasting, try sponsoring an ad or being a guest on a podcast that is related to your business.

A few of the benefits

  • Reach a new audience
  • Build authority in your industry
  • Increase brand awareness

Podcasts, just like blog posts, videos or social media, are just one of the many types of content you can use to connect with your audience and help you increase the visibility of your brand.

Have you tried Podcasting yet? Share you experiences with us below.

Clara Mathews

Clara Mathews is the owner of Clarabela Media. She is a Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter & Social Media Manager. She lives in Dallas with her sock-stealing terrier, Huckleberry.

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