End the Year Right with these “Thinksgiving” Tips to Grow Your Business

Celebrate Thanksgiving with these Thinksgiving TipsA few years ago I wrote about being thinkful versus simply being thankful. And today it seems just as important to write about “Thinksgiving.”

As business owners, during this time of year we seem to shift our focus from serving our current customers to the strategies that will deliver new customers in the New Year.

While you definitely do need to focus on the coming year’s marketing initiatives and the products or services you’ll be offering, you absolutely cannot afford to neglect your current clients and projects!

Before moving to the tips, I have a confession to make. When I was about to hit publish on this article I realized I wrote about “Thinksgiving” last year. Oopsie! But It was centered around “Thinks” and “Giving”. Please give both of these a read. After all, It’s Thinksgiving. The more you grow, the better you’ll be at serving your current and future customers. 

Thinksgiving Tips to Show You Are Thinkful – and Thankful

T     Tools

Share your favorite tools with customers. Look for affordable alternatives that are priced for the budget of SMBs.

H    How-To

Now’s a great time to create or revise a “how-to” on a topic that pertains to customer interests. (And remember, people love infographics.)

I     Ideas

Share fresh ideas to help customers improve their bottom line. This could be a marketing strategy, or even a way to optimize efficiency.

N     Narrow

Examine your focus and if needed, narrow it to ensure that you stay on-target for your customers.

K     Knowledge

Beef up your knowledge base and create resources to help customers learn how to master complicated processes.

S     Support

Determine the areas where your customers need help in order to better serve and support their own customers.

G     Goals

Review internal and external goals with an eye on the customer perspective.

I     Integrate

Are there processes and procedures that could be integrated to save time and money? If so, integrate if possible!

V     Voice

Voice your thoughts. Reach out and literally let your customers know that you care.

I     Inspire

People power the business, so inspire them with a can-do, optimistic (yet realistic) attitude – and yes, with gratitude too.

N     Navigate

What’s your chosen destination? To navigate efficiently, chart the course carefully to reach the desired port-of-call.

G     Grow

Keep growing both personally and professionally! How? Continue to learn, to act, to respond and review. And remember, measure those outcomes….

 “Thinksgiving” Can Be a Winner for You and Your Customers

Being thinkful is only the start to growing your business, and your clients’ businesses as well. Now, it’s time to go celebrate Thinksgiving! Best wishes for a great feast and fellowship. And then – go do some thinking!

What are you going to do differently to help your clients wrap up their year? Share your thinkful thoughts in the comments below!

Lissa Duty

Lissa Duty is Social Media Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer. 20 years of marketing, administrative and management experience working to grow your business.

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