Fall in Love with Monday: Time Management Tips for a Productive Week

Apply These Time Management Tips for a Productive WeekPretty much everyone has, at some point, had “a case of the Mondays” (which is a phrase used to describe someone that has a bad mood when he or she comes into the office on Monday). Try out these time management tips and turn Monday into your favorite day of the week.

Apply These Time Management Tips for a Productive Week

  • Be mindful that it’s only the first of five days and pace yourself. You don’t have to get a whole week’s worth of work done on Monday!
  • Make a list (an actual written list) of all that you have to get done. That way, it’s out of your head and you can start targeting action items.
  • Use your list to prioritize your tasks and delegate what you can.
  • At the end of each workday, plan out the tasks that are going to overflow into the next day, so you can go home with a clear mind free from continued overwhelm.
  • Set up your next week for success by spending time on Friday afternoon wrapping up the day, cleaning off your desk and documenting items that our going to overflow to the next week.

Overwhelm in the office (virtual or otherwise) is counterproductive and instead of helping you to get things done it stifles you and often times, can even cause you to work slower instead of faster.

Now this time management tip is for the bosses (and yes, this includes you if you delegate projects to a team). Do away with Monday meetings! This allows everyone to use Mondays to organize their week, deal with overflowing email inboxes and have a better handle on what’s been done and what needs to be done.

Managers like to start the week off informed and synced with “all-hands-on-deck” but because no one has been able to prioritize and delegate, that Monday meeting ends up being less than productive.

If you can’t convince the powers-that-be to do away with Monday meetings, take some time on Friday to prep for the Monday meeting.

Maybe you won’t fall in love with Monday, but perhaps you can make it more productive and see it as the gateway to your productive week rather than the first few steps of another long march to Friday!

I am off to go love my Monday! What about you?


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