Tips for A Successful Podcast Launch

Podcast Launch TipsMaybe it’s your C-suite management or agency client who sees that all the cool kids in marketing are launching a titular podcast, and they want to join the party. Perhaps you, knowing that content is king and reading is so 2016, want to move into podcasting to better brand yourself as a digital marketing expert.

Important Podcast Stats

For leaders in any given industry, making a shift toward podcasting makes sense. In a 2016 study on the podcast consumer, Edison Research found a monthly estimated audience of 57 million listeners, with 27 percent of people age 12–24 listening to a podcast monthly. The sweet spot for marketers – age 25–54 – was close behind, with 24 percent listening monthly. Additionally, the report found 71 percent of listeners are streaming or downloading podcasts on their smartphone, tablet or portable device versus the desktop.

Plan for Podcast Success with These Tips

1. Invest in Sound Quality

There is nothing worse than listening to a podcast full of good information, yet the audio is so bad that you only hear 80 percent of what’s being said. With the popularity of podcasting, finding out the best (and most affordable) microphones isn’t any more difficult than a Google search. Consider also how you want to mix the sound after you record. What software is best for your needs ­– and fits the budget – so the audio is crisp, clear and free of background noise and static?

2. Create A Content Calendar for Your Podcast

Just like you plan, strategize and produce content for your blog and social media, you must do the same for your podcast. Outline your topics to allow for interview scheduling, real-time responses, and complementary content creation. The easiest way to start creating topics: what are the questions and comments you get from your customers?

3. Manage Your Tics and Tells

If you are anything like most people, you hate to hear your recorded voice. However, in listening to your own recordings before putting them into the world, you notice the quirks that could turn listeners off from you (or your client/C-suite manager). Habits like starting every sentence with “umm” or “so” can be self-corrected by taking the time to fully consider a statement before it is made.

4. Create Segments and Make Use of Silence

A favorite podcast of mine, How I Built This, is a masterclass in editing. The host allows guests plenty of time to think through their responses, and the producers insert breaks between segments. The editing helps the podcast feel like an episode with breaks rather than a drawn-out conversation.

What other tips would you give to future podcasters? Share them in the comments below.

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